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Chronic-Con, Episode 420: A New Dope 2015 full movie online free

In response to Morgan Spurlock's COMIC-CON: A FAN'S HOPE, comedian Doug Benson (SUPER HIGH ME) stars in this doc that looks at San Diego Comic-Con from his hazy perspective. Featuring fellow pot and film fanatics Kevin Smith, Brian Posehn, Joe Rogan and even Spurlock himself, it's a fun look at a rapidly growing cultural event.


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Release: Jul 03, 2015

IMDb: 5.5

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Chronic-Con, Episode 420: A New Dope full movie review - Background noise, but only if you're stoned.

This is a movie that I don't think was meant to be enjoyed directly by anyone besides the creator(s). I assume the intent was centered more around the idea of having something to put on while you and your buddies trim weed.

Its background noise and something to look at while you're stretching your neck, but not interesting enough to take your mind off the monotonous task of deleafing marijuana.

This documentary is more like an extended weekly vlog done by one of the middle quality of YouTubers; unsure or inconsiderate of it's intent, and a lesser par for production. The most entertaining part of the movie was when Doug and his camera crew come across a deranged middle aged man asking for money while on their walk to comic con, in which Doug was not the focus. Even the small segments of Benson's standup were lacking any entertaining value.

The main joke of the movie seems to be Benson looking either buzzed, stoned, or completely wasted. You even get note of his state of mind in small captions at the beginnings of scenes, so you can stay on track of how much pot was consumed prior to filming.

Its usually not a good thing when a comedian laughs more in a performance than the audience. I remember a scene in which i found Benson laughing more at his own jokes in a single interview than I did this entire movie. I gave this movie a three instead of a one because it is obviously not claiming to be anything other than the low budget, low IQ film that it is. It is in a lower class of video footage and still scores low on the grade scale. Maybe I don't smoke enough pot but I cant imagine even the most blazed pothead honestly finding this worth the time.

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