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Clinton Cash 2016 full movie online free

An investigation into how the Clintons have amassed millions in personal wealth through foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation, a supposed charity, in exchange for political favors while Hillary Clinton was the US Secretary of State.


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Release: Jul 24, 2016

IMDb: 7.5

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Clinton Cash full movie review - Typical election year's mud-sling from the far-right extremists

Well, here comes again, every four years when we foolish majority poor people are fiercely lured to vote for the next new president, all kind of these crap are coming up from the right-wing extremists to attack purposely and brutally their opponent Party, i.

e., the Democratic Party candidate. Oh, I have to correct myself here for the above-mentioned 4 years cycle, actually, it's year after year's attack, once these vicious conspirators confirmed who would be the Alpha figure from Democratic Party, he or she would be up in the front to face off their own candidate, the character assassination will start. This crap never ends, footage after footage of the mud-sling stuff would be systematically collected, edited and then either leak or openly provide to the media. Attacks with all their mighty political mouthpieces, demonizing their opponent Party's candidate.

The election year of 2016 is so critical since the Democratic Party elected POTUS had the White House occupancy for 8 long years already, without the new presidency falling into their lap again, there would be an even huge disastrous outcome and loss. It means if they lose the bidding war, the would lose another 4 years to allow an Alpha Republican dog move into the White House, no matter whether they could be the majority party in the Senate or the Congress, since that person in the White House has the Veto power to torpedo all of their scheming plots. Lots of entitlements, privileges, lots of lobbying funds, lots of backroom Federal funding deals would lose. They would lose lot of Federal, States and local major positions if their opponent party win the ultimate power-ball lotto.

That's why they had played so dirty in Florida and made Al Gore a common citizen instead of the master of that white building. Take a look, you fools, and think it back you fools, think about those disastrous years when this self-righteous far-right extremists did to our nation and what atrocity they had brought to other countries and the world. Think about it, you fools. Think about how many young and middle aged soldiers lost their lives or permanently cripples by these self-interested warmongers. How many families lost their parents, their sons and daughters, not just in America but in so many other countries. Think about how and why the world-wide pandemic terrorism now is becoming so out of control.

If you search the monsters too long, if you look down into the abyss so long, you would undoubtedly become a monster too.

These lying political animals from both Parties would do everything to have your vote, no matter how low, how vicious, how false it might, they just want your vote in order to have their profiteering 4-8-12-16 years to come. Show me some least I.O., some basic education and do not become a blind and naive repeated fool every 4 years.

This mud-slung patch-up election-year strategic mumbo-jumbo will not stop until their 2016 reluctant and embarrassed candidate confirmed is conspiratorially ushering into the White House. And voters beware: you might never know what kind of dirty tricks they'd play in the final hours on that day in this critical year.

Is Paris Burning? You tell me.

Final verdict: DO NOT WATCH.

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