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Coconut Hero 2015 full movie online free

It's not easy being a teenager and Mike, a sixteen-year-old, has it espcially hard. He lives in the sticks with his mother, a non-stop nagger, in Faintville, a Canadian timber industry town. He has no father, no friends, not even a favorite meal. Basically, his sole wish is simply to vanish from the face of the earth. One day, Mike writes his own obituary and shoots himself. To his great disappointment he wakes up the in the local hospital. During a routine examination, the doctors discover a plum-sized tumor in his brain. Mike can scarcely believe his luck and keeps the illness to himself to avoid undergoing surgery that would save him. Staring death directly in the eyes, however, changes Mike's point of view and he re-evaluates his opinion of both enchanting and crazy Miranda. Somebody seems to understand him after all.


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Release: Aug 13, 2015

IMDb: 7.4

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Coconut Hero full movie review - Funny, tough and tender

One of a kind drama with minimum cliché parts. The movie is kept absolutely simple in conversations, shots and cast. It's often really quiet but without 'chuddy' parts (never protracting).

Not really the kind of movie for a sociable evening but a very humorous drama winning over with likable, charming personalities. One of the few movies full of character with parts that may soak you up entirely.

In categories:

Narrative: 8/10, the serious topic of 'losing the will to live on' is shown in an entertaining but absolutely appropriate way. The movie brims over with sensitive insights on Mike's mind and the mindset people in his situation may have in general. Also it awakens major lust for life and may be a great watch for anyone having feelings like him. It has a wacky sense of humour and most of the 'simple kept' conversations want you to think about the sub line, but not in a very intellectual way. When Mike and Miranda meet, part of the story gets easily predictable. But the way the two main characters get to know each other, communicate and interact is affecting, lovingly intimate and absolutely unlike 'Hollywood' standard pictures. This in contrast to the (enjoyable) interactions between Mike and his mother builds the core of this movie.

Characters: 9/10, the acting is absolutely believable and especially the two main actors do a great job. If I may steal the word from another review, endearing is the perfect word to describe Mike's character. An absolutely innocent mind, who does everything quirky and honest heartedly. And this is the movie's 'foundation' - his unique personality, which is easily likable and purely human.

Cinematography: 7/10, filmed in a smooth way, guiding throughout the plot suiting music and story. The emotions are transported really convincingly, some shots are quite elaborate and unusual but without ever being over the top. A lot of scenes are filmed static but through great perspectives and perspective changes it comes off dynamically and properly done.

Music: 9/10, The music always fits and underlines situations perfectly as well as taking over the part of communication and narration. A blend of atmospheric sounds and well picked songs.

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