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College Coeds Vs. Zombie Housewives 2015 full movie online free

Efforts to develop a new sexual enhancement formula go terribly wrong when the beautiful test subjects lapse into a trance-like state. With the Zombie Housewives wandering the neighborhood, no one is safe until a trio of College Cheerleaders rush in to save the day!


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Release: Mar 24, 2015

IMDb: 9.0

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College Coeds Vs. Zombie Housewives full movie review - Enjoyable if flawed erotic horror

Attempting to find a solution, a doctor invents a chemical drug for his disinterested wife only to instead turn her into a ravenous sex-crazed zombie along with whoever else consumes the formula and forces him to rely on cheerleaders next door to put a stop to it.

This here wasn't all that bad of an erotic horror effort. The film's greatest strength here is the frequency of its sexual scenes, managing to space them out at least with less than ten minutes or so in between everything which makes this run along rather nicely. The main couple here each get going within the first few minutes and it's a pretty constant stream all throughout here that range from the traditional set-ups and girl-on-girl as well with the one showpiece scene involving the multiple cheerleaders with the one guy together that comes off incredibly well with the numerous performers interacting within the scene making for a great time. The lesbian encounters here take center stage in terms of frequency here as there's a slew of such set-ups that make for a truly fun time, as the first encounter with the two wives is a really fun set-up, the cheerleaders themselves going at it is a pretty steamy affair and the later scene with his assistant and wife's friend is the other really enjoyable effort due to the professionals at play during the sequence. That this one manages to get a pretty wide range of performers helps this one immensely by making for a selection to choose from in order to offer up a variety to choose from that really gives this quite a lot of impressive work here with these attributes. As well, there's plenty of fun here with the way this one manages to actually keep the plot somewhat coherent with the continuous notes along the way about the effects of the drug and what happens to those who've taken it, as the continuous checking up on the results lab for more information is a nice addition to this. The three constantly dropping whatever they're doing in order to turn into a trance-like state and clumsily attempt to kill someone while they're all completely oblivious also makes for a rather funny series of scenes that falls in line with the rest of the goofy charm here. These here all manage to hold this up over the few minor flaws here. The main issue here is the fact that there's not a whole lot at play here in regards to the main conflict between the two groups as there's little connection between them and their conflict is rather clumsily explored. Even more is the rather awkward fight that basically consists of a few punches but a lot of rolling around on the ground which comes off looking incredibly comical and goofy. As well, the film's other minor flaw is the encounter with the scientist and his assistant, as during the course of the sequence a move that takes advantage of her enhancements doesn't work in such a film while the tan-line discrepancy on the guy is exceptionally distracting whenever it becomes the focal point during their maneuvers. Overall, though, this one has a lot to like about it.

Rated Unrated/NC-17: Continuous Full Nudity, strong continuous sexual content, Language and Violence.

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