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New mother Molly (Eléonore Hendricks) is overcome with the need to run away. Feeling abandoned by her husband and unable to connect with her infant son, she takes up an invitation from her old high school group of guy friends to go on a weekend trip to the mountains. Without the pressure of daily responsibilities and with the help of psychoactive mushrooms, Molly comes out of her shell and is ready to accept the beauty and love that can be found in nature. When Molly's “trip” turns into a dark out-of-body experience she is forced to choose between the person she was and the person she's become.


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Release: Apr 16, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Come Down Molly full movie review - Great film!

I had the pleasure of seeing this film Tonight courtesy of The TriBeCa Film Festival. The experience was greatly enhanced when the director and cast opened the floor for q&A.

My initial rating for the film was 2.5/5 stars, but when I had time to digest it all and hear what the cast had to say, and ask my own questions I was able to gain a new understanding and a greater appreciation or the film. In fact the film Is incredibly relatable if you don't look too hard for something to grab on to. Everything is right there open to interpretation and revelation. Much of the acting was improved which made the characters more real. Truly great film. It is hard to find a movie that offers so much freedom, Removing the pressure of searching for a predetermined meaning. Well done!

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