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Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe 2016 full movie online free

It's Rob Lowe's turn to step in to the celebrity hot seat for the latest installment of The Comedy Central Roast.


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Release: Sep 05, 2016

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Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe full movie review - Our Gem of a Culture

I gotta tell ya: I was laughing most of the time. That dude from SNL, you know the ugly one who was on last year, he's like the Millennials Gilbert Godfrey. He's so annoying I can't stop laughing at him. That gene must skip a generation or something, because we have nothing like that.

The best race joke of the evening was by Ann Coulter, even if no one laughed at it. I fed it into the old comedy computer, along with all the other jokes, and it scored the highest in that category. Anyone who didn't laugh at it must be a stupid brain dead liberal. Do they even know that this very program launched the Trump presidency? This paragraph has been approved by comedy computer.

Peyton Manning memorized his lines like they were offensive plays, but delivered them worse that Cooper. Rob Riggle stuck to the formula "Make observation then repeat briefly and loudly" like a Marine sticking to a terrain map. David Spade sounds better than he has since Hollywood Minute, and we all hope he will stop crying all the time about his dead fat friend and just be funny again. Jimmy Car didn't laugh enough (his laugh makes me laugh), and Ralph Macchio talked way too much. Seriously, just be Danielson, or however the heck you spell that in New Jersey. I find Nikki Glaser unattractive, and I therefor do not remember anything she said.

The standout of the evening, however, was Jewel. I've always hated Jewel. I saw her one time back in New Jersey, while I was working the Mrs. Fields cookie franchise at the Arts' Center. She droned on and on about some kid who wasn't allowed to watch The Jeffersons or some crap. I nearly puked in the cookie dough! The voice of the butthurt generation, always whining. But she was pretty awesome on this roast; really laced into Rob Lowe for all the things we all hate about Rob Lowe. Very visceral. Seriously, watch it just for Jewel. What a gem.

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