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Fed up with her parents' bickering, poor-little-rich-girl Maya (Dylan Penn) moves in with her boyfriend who is squatting in an old, condemned building on Manhattan's Lower East Side. With neighbors that are meth heads, junkies and degenerates, this depraved hell hole is even more toxic than it appears: After a virus born from their combined noxious waste and garbage infects the building's residents, one by one, they succumb to a terrifying pathogen that turns them into bloodthirsty, rampaging killers and transforms their building into a savage slaughterhouse.


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Release: Nov 13, 2015

IMDb: 3.8

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Condemned full movie review - Seriously?

A rich girl, due to the stress of her parents fighting decides to move in with her boyfriend, of which himself, and many others live in this abandoned, condemned apartment building.

There are very little things I can laud to, after giving this movie a look. I honestly question what the heck these people ( The entire movie crew ) were thinking when looking at the entire storyline, plot, script, etc. The plot of this movie just completely knocks off "Quarantine" if not, "REC" AS it features the exact same elements of which draws these characters together, but this time presenting it in a more mindless way. The just resolves nothing, and adds little, to no story buildup making the fact that it's completely pointless more obvious than ever. The characters in this film .. seriously? We could literally care less about these given characters. We're given a collection of characters that are either flat out pointlessly disgusting, complete drug addicts, or characters that are literally just thrown in for the scenes of featured gore. The cinematography is just one large mixed bag of offerings, ranging from good, to just plain bad. Some shots were slow, and collective which paid off for the small majority of shots featuring said action we got, on the other hand, straight after that, the cinematography just became atrocious, flailing all over the place, featuring some ugly looking shots, and some shots that were just flat out ridiculous, in all honesty.

To wrap things completely up in a conclusion, here. I honestly have no idea what to say about this movie. This film was almost as bad as another horror film that I honestly couldn't stand, that being "The Sand" and that's saying something. Pointless actions left, and right were made throughout this entire movie, from the film cast, to the actors, even to the fake characters. The characters given were just atrocious, and honestly weren't delivering the supposed comedy in this "Comedy horror". This entire idea of having these characters together was a painfully obvious clone of "REC" and "Quarantine"; It's as if this is one of those films, but in a more stupid way. The acting in this film was just over done, and honestly didn't succeed in keeping the situations they were given. The source of which caused this infection, honestly, was just as mindless as this overall film is. I can honestly only say that a small portion of the cinematography was laudable, same goes for some of the gore here. Although it looked cheap, the gore gave a B movie vibe. Too bad I can't say this was an enjoyable B movie, this film I honestly can't recommend, and honestly. I can say this is one of the worst of 2015.

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