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When Sophie's son, Garrett, develops a mysterious illness, she embarks on a search for answers. This leads her into the controversial world of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) where a sociopolitical battle rages between organic farmers and big biotech corporations. As her desperation grows, so too does her quest for knowledge. And the deeper she goes, a more heightened sense of danger develops that preys on her state of mind, as she attempts to discover the root cause of her son's illness.


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Release: Jun 01, 2015

IMDb: 5.3

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Consumed full movie review - The Movie and the Facts

There seem to be two debates on reviews relating to this movie. First, is it fact or science fiction, and two, was it a well done movie?

Review One Some reviewers believe there is no scientific fact behind the idea that GMOs can cause food sensitivity or allergic reactions. Although it is true that the FDA nor any of the big agri-biz companies have sponsored any human research on GMOs, it is not true that peer-reviewed scientific studies are not underway. Further, the thousands of physicians practicing functional medicine worldwide are already compiling clinical evidence through diagnosis and treatment that establishes a causal link between GMOs and a growing rate of children obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and auto-immune disorders. It is also true that 60 countries not including the US require GMO labeling and that GMO labeling today in the US only requires a bar code so shoppers must utilize a cell phone with an internet connection to check ingredients. Hand in hand with the GMO problem is Glyphosate and a suite of other insecticides that now test positive in humans and foods throughout our food chain known to cause cancer and a variety of other chronic and non- infectious diseases. So there is now an abundance of scientific and clinical fact to support this movie. Anyone arguing differently most likely has a vested interest of some kind that is undisclosed. For my part, I do not work for nor am I affiliated with any activist, lobbyist, or political concern or company either for or against GMOs.

Review Two The movie is one of the first to portray this issue in a non-documentary fashion. Some may call it over-dramatic but I believe it does a very credible job of portraying the extreme hardships faced by the majority of families in the US in regard to the GMO and foods issue. I believe the acting was very credible and did a very good job of portraying the extreme bravery of a mother trying to protect the health of her son. I know that some people would not find the subject of the GMO threat to be as entertaining as giant alien bugs who wanted to eat her son's brains and the starship troopers blasting them away with laser cannons. That's the hardship of writing a movie based on a real and present danger - the truth - that it may not be "sci-fi" enough to entertain everyone - I find it a lot easier expectation to make a documentary and present the facts, however, I recognize the beauty and uniqueness of making it into a dramatic movie because you could not convey the extreme hardship and personal loss without dramatizing the situation. Danny Glover did an excellent job of portraying a story that absolutely true every day in the farming community. A small part perhaps but one I know he performed with a passion for the farmers who face this issue even today in our country.

Thank you to the team who put this movie together. I'm certain that profit wasn't the motive and I acknowledge that you made a big difference in the fight to promote GMO labeling in the US. It's daunting to see what we face in terms of big-agribiz, politics, and the money behind all of this but I want you to know that what you did encourages those who are committed to the grass-roots movement to regain control of our food supply through local farming.

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