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Convergence 2015 full movie online free

Detective Ben Walls finds himself in a modern day Dante world, passing back and forth between the present and the future. Surrounded by the residents seeking redemption, Ben is left with the task to find a way out.


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Release: Jan 01, 2015

IMDb: 5.5

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Convergence full movie review - Convergence - Schmonsergence

Here we have Convergence. A film that tackles the deeply philosophical themes of the price to be paid for redemption and truth, heaven and hell, right and wrong. Oh pleeeese!

! A promising start (only because the opening credits are a comprehensive larceny of Se7en but, unfortunately, that's where the similarities end). Our hero is the typical family man/bomb disposal/discovery expert attached to the local constabulary. Called in from his vacation (apparently an important factor in this drivel) he speaks to his commanding officer (who apologises for calling him in) and one other heavily padded bomb disposal team member and then proceeds to fan out with the team and search for further potential incendiary devices. Sighting a short bald man through a broken window frame he calls out. Baldy says "Body here, just picking it up" (^). KABOOOM. This takes our hero directly to the mysteriously uninhabited hospital with one nurse on duty and a mysterious guard that everyone "Just calls Grace". Oooooh ? Intriguing????.no, not really. I think every viewer can guess what's happening here but no, not our surprisingly unscarred hero. He staggers around blindly to discover the other characters in this compacted Purgatory of white walls and non-working elevators. Surprise, surprise. He discovers his boss is here advising/ordering him to "stay in bed and recover. Don't move, that's an order.", "sit here and drink your coffee. Don't move, that's an order." Of course our hero defies his boss and hunts around the hallowed, deserted halls. He comes across his boss and team. His team consists of the above mentioned bomb team worker and two others. Not too sure who these are or where they came from. Even by the closing credits I can only figure that one is a lady in a blue dress with a dead daughter (apparently a bomb victim) and Isaac, a short dumpy guy (yep, that's it, that's all there is to him ? Isaac, a short dumpy guy). Also the mandatory floating spirits and the hero's (and apparently everyone else's) nemesis Daniel whom considers himself "the right hand of God". I think poor old Danny has delusions of grandeur and has not actually been designated by the "Big Cheese" as a bona fide member of the ecclesiastical team. Apparently Daniel can kill or maim the crew and they instantly become his soldiers of Christian redemption of the others moral turpitude. Not too sure whether his methods qualify under the banner of Christianity kindness and forgiveness but the wrath of the Almighty can be severe. The fact that knives, shotguns and pistols are used to dispatch not only the mere mortals here but also the wispy, ghostly spirits is a little far-fetched but hey, I've not visited Purgatory so how would I know? One small point I'd like cleared up how come Daniel and his team of big scary dead/undead/tortured/de tongued killer team are able to be punched, kicked pushed and, most surprisingly, need to use all of their zombie powers to avoid being hit by deadly office plastic garbage bins and plastic paper holders flung at them by our hero during physical confrontations? I think all viewers will start to meditate on the deep metaphysical connotations within this movie when our hero states "Sometimes faith is just a stairwell". Then comes the third bit. Bringing us into current times with the "Ghostbusters" team trying to find the truths and apparently trying to tie up the loose ends of this, by now, unsaveable rubbish. Sorry, yet another fail. Closing scene of hero's broken glasses passed over from "the other side" to be delivered on to the hero's grieving wife and daughter brings relief, not only to his family, but also to the viewer that it is finally over. As much as anyone I am perfectly capable of suspending disbelief for 90 minutes of my life to view an interesting and intriguing thriller and mystery but there must be some sense of realism and connectedness with continuity in a story. This movie has none. Why, in a world with millions of deaths a day, would this Purgatory only accept six or seven people? How does an (apparently) already dead Purgatory tenant come to be to be killed again? Why would these tenants need to be restrained by worldly medical restraints? Why is the all-powerful "right hand of God" adversely affected by "water boarding" torture? Why was the short bald man (^) not killed in the blast that took out our hero and what was a medic doing in a building that had not been cleared by bomb disposal? Pretentious, unbelievable, far?fetched, Convergence is a supernatural thriller with delusions of its own grandeur. Not supernatural, not a thriller. At a showing in Phoenix film festival writer/director Drew Hall apparently bet the audience that no-one would ever see "the twist coming" in this movie. I owe you Mr. Hall because I lost the bet. I have watched it and did not even SEE "a twist" in this waste of celluloid. Why, in this season of movie awards, with such magnificent offerings as Brooklyn, The Revenant, Spotlight etc. do I subject myself to this mundane, humdrum dross? Maybe it is my Purgatory? This one ranks with Ghostline as time I will never get back in my life. If you must see it the Blue Ray is available now on Amazon for the bargain price of $9.99 but I'd wait a couple of weeks until it comes down to $1.99 One star (for stealing the opening credits)

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