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Cool Cat Saves the Kids 2015 full movie online free

"Cool Cat Saves the Kids" is an Anti-Bullying and Kid's Gun Safety Movie. Cool Cat is the coolest cat in the world, and Butch the Bully hates him because of it. So Butch always tries to bully Cool Cat and his friends, but Cool Cat Saves the Kids! Starring Vivica A. Fox, Erik Estrada, Derek Savage and Cool Cat.


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Release: Jan 01, 2015

IMDb: 7.0

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Cool Cat Saves the Kids full movie review - There are many great educational videos out there for children. This one, however, should be one, best left alone. This movie deserves to be buried in the kitty litter.

Indeed, this movie directed & written by Derek Savage was atrocious. The movie is obviously a produce placement for the Cool Cat novels and T-shirts, as Cool Cat's home is full of crap with his name on it.

Yet, I can't really hate this film. At less, it had some good intentions in teaching children about gun safety and anti-bullying, even if the execution of those morals were somewhat horribly delivered, with Cool Cat (Jason Johnson) doing the exact opposite of what he's teaching. For example, minutes after having a whole scene about instructing children to look both ways before crossing the street, Cool Cat races out into traffic without looking both ways just so he can chase down a child so he can be arrested. In yet, another scene, Cool Cat told his neighbor's kid to say away, from guns, only to later, instruct the child, to go to class, knowing full well, that a fellow student of her, has a gun and heading toward the school to rob children. Then, there is the scene, where Cool Cat for no apparent reason, announces the only way to handle cyberbullies is to just ignore them, yet he told the victim, earlier to interaction with them, by answering their phone calls, and emails. Who Does that!? Anybody, who knows, anybody, knows that you 'don't feed the troll' on the internet, but I guess, Derek Savage doesn't. He made things, worst for him, when he prove that, he's can't handle any criticism from anybody reviewing his movie, even if they were giving him free press & media. After all, it's the internet that made, his obscurity movie, into a popular 'It's so bad, it's good' type of a film. However, he probably wouldn't like, what I got to say about him, but what the hell, I'll say it. The filmmaker really went over the line, when he made up law firms to threaten people into submission. Another thing, he had the nerves to manipulate the YouTube Copyright system towards any film review that is against his movies. Because of that, I can't say, I'm a big fan of the guy. Derek lost my respect, and many others, because of that. I threw away, my DVD copy, a long time, ago, because of that. No wonder, why this movie is so disliked. Also, I can't recommended, anybody reading his children's book series, titled 'Cool Cat' as well, if he's going to act like this. It's not cool, not cool at all. Anyways, Savage is also credited in the film for producing, acting, additional camera work, color correction, writing and producing, most of the songs feature in the film. All of them, are badly done. For starters, the camera work is awful, as you can see the camera man shadows, boom mic in shots, & background actors trying to escape the film. Then, there is the obvious editing work. The film was stitched together from three separate, 'Cool Cat' short films on different topics such as 2012's 'Cool Cat Stops Bullying', 2012's 'Cool Cat Rides in the Hollywood Parade', and 2013's 'Cool Cat Finds a Gun'). This explains why the movie is so disjointed with a lot of filler. After all, what does looking at old cars & guitars have to do with gun safety or bullying. You can add that, with the awful production, along with the cheesy comic sans fonts, dreadful cat costume, bad day for night, clichés spinning newspaper effects, incoherent muffled sound effects, and music that doesn't match the sense. The lack of quality continues with the poor acting. Cool Cat's character may have had innocent intentions, but several of his lines make him come across as a pedophile. He supposed to be, a kid, but he doesn't look the apparent age, when he is taller than everybody else in the production. I also feel bad for Jason Johnson for having to act, like pumping his fist near his crotch and twitching his leg. Umm, does he need some alone time? Cool Cat's song vocals are obviously dubbed in. Not only that, the two songs are performed by two different people. Anyways, his rapping and dancing skills sucks hell. Then, there is the child's actors. None of them, were any good, nevertheless, the kid that played Butch the Bully (Conner Dean) is probably the cheesiest, yet best actor in the bunch. He's just hamming it up. Then, there is the ex-playgirl model, Derek Savage as himself, Daddy Derek. He comes across as a creep, as it looks like he's supposedly sleeping with an anthropomorphic cat, who happens to be Cool Cat's mom. If that wasn't awkward and uncomfortable, enough. The actor who plays the police officer (Steve Crest) has previously appeared in a number of porn films. Of course, even having professional actors like Vivica A. Fox, Erik Estrada and Eric Roberts can't save this poor script, full of tiresome bully clichés like kicking sandcastles & being overweight. Then, there is the plot holes like how Butch the Bully can sends hateful texts to Maria and Cool Cat (Jessica R. Salazar), unless she gave him, her number and Cat's email. It's nonsensical. Overall: This movie at its most insufferable is still, unintentionally funny. It's a narm that can often be grouped together along with other panned movies such as 2003's 'The Room' and 2010's 'Birdemic: Shock and Terror'. Yet, I can't recommended watching this movie, unless, Derek Savage can cool down, and accept criticism. Then, maybe, I would rebuy a copy of his DVD, yet again.

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