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Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe 2015 full movie online free

Scrat struggles once again to protect his nut.


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Release: Nov 06, 2015

IMDb: 8.2

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Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe full movie review - Poor Scrat!

Scrat, that silly prehistoric saber toothed squirrel from the Ice Age franchise that has since proved popular enough to become the logo character of Blue Sky Studios, the movies' production company, is at it again.

This time his nut chasing antics somehow send him into outer space, completely changing the game and genre for the little guy and setting into motion a series of world changing events. But will poor Scrat ever get his nut?

There are some little laughs and a lot of "how does that actually work" if you try to use too much reason with this short. Without reason, though, it's a quick romp that's sure to entertain children, just like all of his previous outings. It is, indeed, the exact same formula yet again, just in a different setting, easily falling into the generic memory of them all. But, as I said, children eat up his mindless slapstick comedy, no matter how mediocre it may seem, and that really is the point, isn't it?

The short does give a little nod to known science fiction and outer space films, though not enough to make it truly referential and worthwhile. For those that are fans of the Ice Age films, however, these Scrat shorts do answer some questions involving the overall story, and keep pretty good continuity all throughout. But that really only means that this cosmic adventure raises more questions than it answers. Nuts!

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