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Creeper 2015 full movie online free

Among the lights and sounds of the city a predator roams night clubs and bars searching for victims for his sexually twisted fantasies. Even people with normal everyday jobs have their secrets that they hide from the rest of the world


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Release: Dec 01, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Creeper full movie review - Torture porn with a half decent story

Its kinda hard to write a review about this movie as it was only 45 minutes long minus the credits and everything but the last 10-15 minutes was just a series of confusing scenes that didn't seem to follow much of a plot. I really thought this was going to be a silly as Slaughtered (2008) at first.

The very beautiful Chloe Rosenthal entered the movie mid way through as the drunken bar whore Maggie and entered into a relationship with Oliver who usually just picks up bar whores, rapes them, and the bludgeons them to death.

But she is no ordinary bar whore. She has been following Oliver for months, noticing that the women who enter his house leave in a garbage bag. She listens to his story about his Aunt who sexually abused him as a child and tells him that his no excuse for his behaviour as he dies from consuming a drink that she poisoned.

Cheap, simple, rape revenge movie.

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