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Daddy 2015 full movie online free

Colin is a stud. Stew, not so much. They've been virtually inseparable since college. But now Colin has fallen for a much younger man.


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Release: Sep 12, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Daddy full movie review - This is NOT your run of the mill gay daddy movie!

Gerald McCullouch poured his heart and soul into DADDY : the Movie, and it shows! Colin McCormack (McCullouch) has it all.

An enviable job, all the luxuries a single gay man can enjoy, a best friend of many years, good looks, and irresistible to other gay men. And the young males looking to share his bed line up, number in hand.

Stew is Colin's best friend. Apparently less lucky in the looks and love department, he is nonetheless essential to Colin, being the voice of wisdom and friendship. Kudos must be given here to Gerald McCullouch and Dan Via for portraying a believable, touching and emotional friendship, devoid of the "let's jump in bed" trap that so many gay movies fall into.

Jaime Cepero portrays Tee Bloom, an intelligent and brilliant 22 years old, with whom Colin will fall in love. The young man harbors a dark secret, poisoning his existence, and ultimately Colin's. The revelations will definitely propel Colin in the dark recesses of hell.

An ensemble cast aptly support the trio, led by Richard Riehle, as the boss of Colin, Jay Jackson, and Tamlyn Tomita among others.

McCullouch started a Kickstarter campaign, which gave the boost needed to make the original play step from the theater to the cinema. Many of the people involved gave their time to ensure the success of the movie. A real labor of love. And what McCullouch and his teammates made with a shoestring budget is to be seen to be believed.

Finely acted, charismatic and believable characters, and a powerful story all contribute to present the future of gay-themed movies, where those movies step out of the closet, and become stories that can be seen and felt by moviegoers of all sexual orientations. DADDY : the Movie makes all of us proud.

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