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Dance Camp 2016 full movie online free

When Hunter gets sent to a dorky summer dance camp, he thinks he's about to have the worst summer of his life. But the quirky charm of the camp grows on him when he meets the passionate Cheyenne and joins her dance troupe to challenge the arrogant champion Lance in the camp’s Legends of Dance competition.

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Release: Feb 10, 2016

IMDb: 4.5

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Dance Camp full movie review - This film will be remembered in at least two hundred years as a milestone in the film history.

After watching this film, my whole body was shaking out of shock. It reminded of the first time I saw 2001:A Space Odyssey.

From a technological point of view, the cinematography alone could qualify this film as a all-time masterpiece. I got goose-bump at the opening scene with the David lynchian cinematography and the Ennio morricone-esque soundtrack. It reminded me of the moment when I saw Alain Delon walking on the street of Paris in Le Samourai. At that moment, I knew that this film is already the most masterful film of the year.

The story of the film is Hitchcockian. The writer had set up the suspense and tension in just five minutes. The climax at the beginning of the film made me fall off from my chair. The main character is a Macbeth-like antihero. The writer smartly used a dream in a Shakespearean way to hint the protagonist's fate. The dream was extremely memorable that was almost comparable with the famous dream scene in Ingmar Berman's wild strawberry. The surreal music and low-key cinematography almost made me cry.

The acting in this film is definitely top-notch and Oscar-worthy. Brendon Perea's acting method was apparently influenced by Laurence Olivier. The climatic arguing scene in the end was so good that put Dian Keaton and Al Pacino in Godfather II to shame.

It is definitely my film of the century(although there are still eighty years left in this century). But i couldn't think of a possible way that future film maker could surpass this film. It is a must-see for every human being on this planet.

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