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Dancer and the Dame 2015 full movie online free

Down-and-out Detective Dancer, who struggling with a personal conflict, gives up on life and his job. But that all ends when he is paired up with a police dog who is also dealing with post-traumatic stress. The dog helps Dancer make a life-changing turn around. And in response, Dancer does the same for his partner, the Dame.


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Release: Feb 22, 2015

IMDb: 6.1

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Dancer and the Dame full movie review - Set in Monroe, Louisiana, a demoted cop has to take care of his police dog and solve a crime.

OK, up-front, this is a mostly cheesy movie, found it on Netflix streaming movies. Most of the acting is barely passable and scenes are not shot very interestingly. Action scenes are not up to modern blockbuster movie standards. It was probably made on a very small budget.

But Billy Gardell, who plays the lead role, is so good that he salvages something out of this story. He of course has been a regular on the TV series "Mike and Molly", which I don't watch, and seems to be a very underrated actor.

Here he is Officer Dancer, and as the movie opens he is relegated to clerical duty in the office. But he also is seeing a police psychologist to see when he will be ready to return to normal duties. Part of his rehab is to put him with a veteran police dog named Princess, thus the title "Dancer and the Dame."

My wife and I watched it, mostly because it takes place in and is filmed in Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana. It was fun to recognize areas that we are familiar with. But curiously between several scene changes were quick shots of New Orleans and the Mississippi River, over 4 hours and almost 300 miles away from Monroe. I suppose the film editor used stock footage spliced in just for the "look".

So the story involves breaking a crime ring where one-dollar bills are brought into a warehouse, blank on one side, with a USB drive of data to print the image of $100 dollars on the blank side. All 3 million of them. If we assume a person can manually print 10 bills per hour, it would 15 people about 10 years to print all of them.

But maybe they had an automated machine? Three million pieces of paper take a long time to handle.

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