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Darby Forever 2016 full movie online free

Follows the fantasies of Darby, a shopgirl at “Bobbins & Notions,” a fabric store in a nameless town that is both ordinary and bizarre. The customers she encounters in the shop spark colorful daydreams as Darby looks for independence and maybe finds love with delivery man, Nick.


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Release: Feb 18, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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Darby Forever full movie review - Check this puppy out

So I really liked the movie a lot! Aidy Bryant was so good at playing this really awkward, voice-cracky, shy girl. The "Darby and the Bad Girls" music video was awesome and so was Aidy Bryant's laugh when Nick said they were thirsty.

Only thing that bugged me was that there was a scene where Darby pours clean water down the someone could have drank that! There's a drought probably where you're filming that!

I like to think they had a bowl underneath that pipe that didn't connect so when she poured the water it went into a bowl and collected (and that the pipes are clean too of course). And maybe a dog drank it or it got poured into plants maybe.

Awesome movie, I give it two thumbs up and a head nod of respect.

Also I'm only half way through the movie haha but i bet it ends good

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