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Dark Night enigmatically unfolds over the course of a lazy summer day, as it traces the events leading up to a mass shooting in a suburban multiplex. Abandoning the narrative confines of the true crime genre, the story is told through fragmented moments from the lives of several characters, whose fates are tragically intertwined. As the sky grows darker, the placid surface of daily life becomes disturbed by a lurking and inevitable horror.


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Release: Jan 24, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Dark Night full movie review - The dark night in our hearts and souls

Seen at the Viennale 2016: Put the blame on me, that I do not rate 8, 9 or 10 stars.

To be honest I would rate it 6 (lower rating as it maybe should be, due to low budget, only one real actress, not even a real script it seems, and partly boring), but the sad beautiful music by Maica Armata lifts it up to a solid 7. The movie starts slow, very slow... and for sure you have to sit it through for the first 30 minutes. You should have a good afternoon nap and be 100% awake and attentive for this one. This is filmmaking at the highest intellectual level possible. The brain of Tim Sutton must be working like Rubik's Cube. At the beginning all bits and parts are all over the place. Slowly and then suddenly everything falls perfectly into place. Only 85 minutes are needed to spread out the overwhelming tragedy of the impossible coming true, the shooting of people in the dark room of dreaming and soul wandering, the cinema, by a young adult. And Sutton manages to pull away the carpet of security beneath our feet. We stay for a moment swaying at the abyss. Human kind is not safe, will never be safe, as long as people are not able to dream their own life in a friendly future. Sutton does not show the killing itself. Only several kids/adults during the day before they went to the cinema. But the horror builds up. Not because of the action in the movie itself, but because we know what will happen after the cameras have been turned off. Dark Night is a must see: the 85 minutes give us time to think different about the ambush - maybe in a more human way. Shall we think about such a horror in a more human way. Human mess will always be part of our life. Listen to Maica Armata to enjoy the good and the bad.

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