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Dark Pledge 2016 full movie online free

In an attempt to cope with her sister's death, Sarah joins a sorority. However, as her new sisters begin to manipulate her, she becomes trapped in their devious plans and has to fight to maintain her innocence.

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Release: Aug 06, 2016

IMDb: 4.0

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Dark Pledge full movie review - Warning:I'm going to tell you everything about this movie

In case you missed the warning, major spoilers ahead. First of all, I loved this movie. Acting was good, plot good, ending good. So we start with a party scene with.

our main girl, 16 year old Sarah. She's drunk, so she calls big sister Jill for a ride home. After expressing concern for her, Jill does something stupid and poses for a pic with Sarah, while driving. I mean, yeah, it was Sarah's idea, but she was drunk, Jill wasn't, so what's her excuse? Moving on. 2 years later, Sarah wakes up from a nightmare about that night, and it's revealed that her mom is driving her to college. After meeting her roommate,Jodie, her mom encourages her to join her old sorority. Big surprise, given the title, huh? She reluctantly goes, meets the prez, daisy, who tells her this sorority is of course different. She buys it and joins, to her roommate's dismay. Daisy helps her get into a computer class she really wants to be in, and she meets a nice boy who's on the track team. She meets daisy's lap dog, er, boyfriend, also a jock, who just wants sex. He does favors for daisy, like trashing a sister's room who innocently brought her girlfriend from a rival sorority to a party. Daisy doesn't get along with Jodi, who's suddenly all attitude and rather annoying. Soon, sorority events consumes Sarah's life, affecting her work. Things go south when she innocently tells daisy that her computer teacher has been pushing her to focus on cracking a new algorithm so she can create a new app, or something. She also mentions that he put a hand on his shoulder, kind of like in a father figure way, but daisy latches onto that, convinces Sarah to accuse him of assault, and it's bye-bye nice helpful teacher. Jodie is the next to be the victim, when she gets beat up after putting something online about the crazy sorority. Daisy gets more controlling with Sarah, who teams up with a sister named Maria, in order to turn the other sisters against her. It works, but at a party, where the girls are in lingerie and the boys are in boxers(?) daisy's lap dog, er, boyfriend picks a fight with Sarah's boyfriend, and ends up breaking his leg. He in turn breaks up with her, like it's really her fault. So, after Sarah threatens daisy in front of everyone(cause that's always smart) daisy ends up dead from an apparent overdose. Sarah then hears Maria and daisy's lap dog, er, Maria's lap dog, er, new boyfriend congratulate her on disposing of daisy. Confrontation between the girls where Maria spills everything. She beat up Jodie, had lap dog break boy's leg, killed daisy, all so she could be valedictorian(oooaky). Sarah of course tries to out her, Maria of course sets her up, she goes to loony bin cause she became a little unhinged(wonder why). Sarah's mom apologizes for telling her to join, then helps her expose Maria. Sarah does this by using her computer project. She sets up a site where you can confess dark secrets anonymously, then has Jody spread the word around campus. Maria uses the app, because she can't resist telling people how cleaver she was with daisy's murder. Her confession is played at graduation during her speech. She goes to jail, Sarah changes things at sorority, and gets back together with boyfriend, while Maria gets to sit in group session at prison where they confess secrets, cause hey, this is a lifetime movie after all, which is what I came to see.

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