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Dark Signal 2016 full movie online free

The spirit of a murdered girl returns with a message. Now a stranded woman must team up with the staff of a local station to solve the mystery of her death.


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Release: May 30, 2016

IMDb: 6.5

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Dark Signal full movie review - A Review for this movie (first and only?)... could be way more better without Joanna


I noticed not reviews for this movie, and it actually deserve it. I just loved the originality in this movie. The film starts with a girl being stalked first and then murdered by a very 'un-famous' serial killer: The Wedlock Killer (he keeps as a trophy the wedding ring of his victims, like a very twisted wed, as if they were marrying him just for being his victims) We have two story lines interconnected, running back to to back at the same time... at the same time? Well... not, and that is so genius. The directing is great, and very well shooted, the images are gorgeous, even in the dark places, making the atmosphere what it must be. It goes from dark night and introducing the killer, to bright light and introducing the rest of the characters with a little background (that will evolve at the movie progresses for the most important one) and finally back to a very dark night and all just move in a very 'haunted' way. In short: was very effective. At least to me as a viewer, and witness. Siwan Morris was awesome and always stealing the camera with her "Lauren Wolf", she was stunning, not only sexy and carefree, but after in the plot you will know she is deeply hurt and hide it deep in her nonchalant image that almost anyone have of her, but only one does know the truth: The Wedlock Killer, who is a little obsessed with her. And There we have Gareth David Lloyd making his "Ben", the character is there as a connection. In the radio studio everything was escalating when "Carla Zaza" comes for the show. Cinzia Monreale is awesome!(I was a child in the 80's but very fan of horror movies! and of Stephen King) and she always deliver all perfect. We also see Duncan Pow. Here is an actor I don't even heard of, so I have no idea of others works and never saw him acting. I must say: his part was good acted, but his character "Nick" was not strong and his lies are discovered. How? you may ask: he say to "Kate" that he have not fault for being successful, and at the same time he convinces her to make a robbery of some dude who owe him money. He is lying about his success, that is so obvious. The good part of the character is when he finally confesses the "real" truth, and you will understand all of it. It was a secondary character that at first you might thing is a lead. It was not well used, and his acting could be better shown if the script would make more of him. Unfortunately, that didn't happen in the mind of the screenwriter. So, we have 3 secondary roles: the child (very creepy at some point), the nanny, and the father of the murdered girl at the beginning (she was mostly only a voice, and that is creepy: a deep voice in the night when you are alone. And when she is seen, is kind of a yürei ghost from Japanese folklore, and that is damn scary). But everything is just destroyed by Joanna Ignaczewska. The first time the character appear was awful, and I thought that it was a character to die soon, I told myself: "She is so bad acting that surely will be the first to die and her death will lead to the first girl at the beginning" But no. None of that happened and I have to stand to see her the whole time. Awful, simply awful. She was BAD. Her almost none acting skills and nonexistent ability to delivering a line, are even worst by the fact of the lines her character have. "Kate" is a very bad character, not likable in any way. The only thing I could think about her was: "What the hell is she doing with her mouth? What is trying to express? Please shut up, your voice is killing me" there is only one thing I can assume, that wasn't her voice and she was trying to make a 'sweet mother, with sweet voice' which she didn't reach. The lines scripted for "Kate" was completely stupid and with no sense of anything. I really really disliked her. Summarizing: we have a great original idea, a few good acting, a few good images and setting, but everything fall apart for the leading actress they choose, and the lines for her character (and that is screenwriter fault) that were completely empty. I wish and will ask to the director and the crew to do a remake, and I suggest change "Kate" character and a better actress, please. And change the end. The End was so weak and blatant, and predictable. I didn't liked at all. For the remake, please make a better and unpredictable end.

7/10 for me, and is because Ignaczewska, should have 6/10 because of her, but, Siwan Morris and Cinzia Monreale were so stunning that I give it a point up.

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