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Dark Summer 2015 full movie online free

Follows the tale of a 17-year-old on house arrest for the summer. When his mother is away on business, a horrifying incident occurs, followed by an even more terrifying presence in the house.


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Release: Jan 09, 2015

IMDb: 3.6

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Dark Summer full movie review - Paces itself into a meaningful horror movie..

"Dark Summer" is a bit slow, but manages to lead itself to success, execution a unique, cool horror film that pays off.

First for the plot of this film. I honestly felt as if it was unique and fresh, the plot / story all together has a lot to offer, all of which leading to a pleasant experience if you look it the right direction. The plot also successfully manages to intertwine multiple sub-genres of horror, including cyber, gore / blood, and paranormal. As the plot progressed more, and more throughout the film, it has some interesting turns as well. Instead of keeping it straight up horror, the story lead towards more depth in the story, which cleared some things out some may of missed. It takes a somewhat mystery genre-like turn, as said before digging deeper into the story of the film, becoming pleasant, and giving the viewer more, and more to look forward to in terms of the events of the movie, as well as the plot / storyline itself.

For the characters of the film, however; The film, honestly didn't go too in depth with this element. The film kept the characters, in a way, a bit secluded from the audience knowing much of them, they're backgrounds, life stories, etc. We didn't exactly get too much information on some of the specific actions of which the characters did, as well as some things of which they portrayed in certain scenes. [ Which won't be spoiled of course ] However, if you simply view the characters by there actions, choices, etc. they were quite solid. Each character, also had quite a unique personality, as far as the audience could experience. They each seemed to have a unique, and likable personality's each. Overall, the characters had neat, and fresh personalities, with little, to no clichés. They're acting towards they're characters noticeably had emphasis. In this case, was good. Overall nicely done, likable characters, and good acting. Just not as much depth, and understandings as executed toward the plot.

Finally for the visual effects of the movie. For what it was, and what was there, it was intriguing to say the least. This movie had very unique visual effects, of which introduce some unique new horror visuals. As said before, the film succeeds in intertwining many sub-genres of horror, of which lead to more wide spread amounts of visual potential, of which here were defiantly not missed! The visual gore in this movie wasn't bad. The film succeeds in showing the audience, not the biggest amount of blood, and gore, but what seems to be just enough. As the film progresses, the paranormal entity(ies) shown, as well weren't bad, but in terms of the ghosts of which were shown, they weren't the best, but as said before just right, fitting right in along with the story. In conclusion, the visual effects fit in with the story, and work for what they were. They seemed just right in terms of the film, displaying some unique eye candy along the way.

In conclusion. "Dark Summer" displayed some unique, and fresh new execution in terms of much needed movie elements. The acting, as well as the characters were enjoyable, and fine for what they were. The visual effects were great, and fit right in. Overall, turning out to be one entertaining horror film! But as said before. Depending on how you view the film. Not all horror fans will enjoy this, I may add, again, as said before, this film is a bit slow, and tends to drag, but leads to story depth. But if you're different, I'd recommend this to any, of not all horror fans looking for a unique, fresh take on the genre.

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