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Dark Vision 2015 full movie online free

TV host Spencer Knights puts his crew in peril by invoking an ancient evil whilst attempting to win the paranormal competition, 'Dark Vision' in the sprawling catacombs beneath a remote gothic tower...


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Release: Mar 01, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Dark Vision full movie review - Low budget But not bad

OK so I found this film a little clunky at times, but I started watching it with low expectations and got pleasantly surprised.

On the whole it's a very mild watch if you're expecting blood gore and torture then don't even go there with this film. Also it's kinda "found footage" but not "found footage" and that's maybe it's downfall. The makers should have made up their minds about where this films style and genre lay. However I found the cinematography, locations and richness of color not too shabby. The acting levels go from good, competent to ropey, but that said I did like most of the characters on the whole and I've seen worse. On to the film. As I said I had low expectations when I started watching this but got oddly drawn in. We follow this team on there punt for on line streaming paranormal competition called "Dark Vision". As you go down into the tunnels underneath a remote folly in the English countryside. The competition itself is spelled out via online screen messages, which I didn't really like and think could have been done in a better way, it felt clunky and more TV than film, but kinda does the job. What I did like was the occult paranormal aspects of the film and that it made me chuckle and even jump at points. There are some nice moments in the chase through the caves and the sound effects and music really add to its spookiness. The visual effects are OK but not great but I've seen worse. Which is kinda what I feel about the film as a whole. It was interesting and fun but definitely had faults and for a low budget spooky film it looked a lot slicker than most. I did write this review in response to some of the scathing one's here which in my view are slightly unwarranted. It isn't art-house or going to go down in the annuls of horror - but it's not that bad and I have definitely seen a lot worse. Mild horror, mild scares, amusing at times and on the whole I was intrigued to find out where the story led.

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