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Date with Love 2016 full movie online free

When a boy’s video to a female star goes viral, it scores him a date with his celebrity crush to the prom. Complications arise when the famous starlet falls for the boy’s small-town teacher.


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Release: May 21, 2016

IMDb: 0.5

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Date with Love full movie review - Nice cast and fun to watch

Promposals - where a teen asks a celebrity to prom is the subject of this pretty good Hallmark romance. It's happened in real life if you google it.

Here a teen who can't get a date asks an actress to prom. She accepts for the PR but falls in love with an English teacher in the school. The situation is quite cute to watch and not annoying.

The cast is likable and nice to look at. Bailee Madison has grown quite tall and she is the true love of the boy who can't get the date. Shanae Grimes plays the starlet and she looks pretty here. This is one role she is quite suited to. She has been in some sub par Hallmark and Lifetime movies recently but here she is a convincing young starlet. Andrew Walker plays the English teacher. They have some chemistry.

Of course there is a slight misunderstanding before the inevitable romantic ending.

Worth one watch.

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