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Deadman Apocalypse 2016 full movie online free

In the distant future, Jack Deadman and his military team are the final hope to save our dying earth from its hellish apocalypse. The mission is to enter the underground world of Labyrinthia and retrieve the water stolen by the savage inhabitants below... 10 years later, the mission has failed, and Jack Deadman exists in isolation, trapped and buried deep within Labyrinthia. A lone wolf anti-hero, changed by failure and guilt. But when the opportunity to escape arises once again, Jack will begin a quest for vengeance and redemption in one last attempt to escape from Labyrinthia.


Quality: HD []

Release: Jun 20, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Deadman Apocalypse full movie review - VHS Throwback

Firstly - the DVD cover is a bit misleading in relation to the film inside. I will ignore that and review the film as a standalone piece.

Did you ever sift through the bargain-bins at the back of a supermarket looking for something to spend your pocket money on? Robocop remakes, cheesy westerns and unknown badly dubbed Chinese kung-fu flicks: these were the staples of those bins.

They weren't high-budget, sometimes the English translations were way off, but they were fun to watch on a Saturday afternoon when you wanted to see something new! 'Deadman Apocalypse' is throwback to these films. A future earth made uninhabitable by its denizens, led the poor to dig tunnels for the rich under the surface. This subterranean maze is populated by would-be-kings, mad-men and people racing round on suped-up go-karts.

Sounds mad? Well it is. The cover (misleading!!) makes this seem like a fairly high budgeted film, which the film itself clearly isn't. The sets may seem a little shaky, and some of the props a little ropey but this movie pays homage to the over-the-top bonkers bargain-bin movies of the past.

The acting is not what you'd see in a Hollywood blockbuster but fits this style of movie well, with the younger actors doing a particularly good job.

Go in with your eyes open (ignoring the cover), suspend your belief, and enjoy a nostalgic blast from the B-Movie past. A fun short film to pass the time on your Saturday afternoon.

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