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Death Valley 2015 full movie online free

Four strangers on a drunken wedding dash from LA to Vegas hit a mysterious woman in the desert and must overcome injuries, the elements, and ultimately each other to survive.


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Release: Oct 20, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Death Valley full movie review - Oscars Irish Review

There are better ways to pass 90 minutes,this movie was made on one weeks wages by someone who flips burgers while smiling.Well done for making a movie about 4 strangers spending a day in the desert.

Make sure you have plenty of alcohol as watching people drinking champagne in the desert will urge you to have a tipple even if you a reformed alcoholic lol.The ovie bas been made a few times before and maybe it was OK back in the day of Miami Vice which had a budget of 1 million per episode so its difficult in 2015 to have any interest a movie like this due to the fact that it was made really cheap like so cheap if you knew you would not watch it.Ihave to write ten lines so look me up on forsook and add me as a friend so i can recommend some great Irish movies like the field instead of the desert,almost at ten lines which is a fantastic feeling as i can now get another beer from the fridge and enjoy the ending which i did not spoil.

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