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Jonathan is a very lonely man. One day, he gets a visitor in his house: a young woman who, through a jarring turn of events, ends up dead. He does not report it because he is happy to have a friend, but now the body begins to decay.


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Release: Nov 09, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Decay full movie review - There's a thin line between dark horror and utter depressing garbage.

You guys know when you sometimes feel like trying something new? Different? Well I felt like that when going to see this. I enjoy some of these dark, crazy horrors from time to time, but this film here had me going beyond depressed within the first 20 minutes.

We got our stereotypical lonely American guy who was raised by a religious nut job of a mother, now mentally damaged and insane.

Haven't we seen this a million times before? Honestly. I'm tired of the Ed Gein story by now.

A girl dies after trespassing in his house as well as her friend who joined her. He decides to keep the body of one because the other ran outside and was hit by a car because she thought he killed her friend, which he didn't.

The story goes downhill from there. I think the big issue here is that there is SO much filler and pointless scenery that doesn't add to his character other than providing us with WTF moments.

You got scenes where this obnoxious 50's music plays whilst he's doing his crazy weird workout and brushing his teeth. This repeats a few times. And overall its stuff like this that just keeps getting to be thrown at us. Pointless filler. Its like 80 % him tending to his flowers, doing his workout in maniac fashion, obnoxious music through the entire thing, us watching him walk around, experience things happen around him.

Just imagine this being a documentary, where you follow a guy in question as you hear his voice talking to us, etc. Now. Imagine the voice is gone and its just the camera, following him around.

There is your movie for about 80 % Seriously, Wartnerchaney. I'm a person who's open to the idea of crazy, disturbing horror. Different horror.

But I'm getting awfully tired of these cheap attempts to tell a the SAME story for the 50000th time in just a tiny different way.

This is the story of Ed Gein all over again, minus the gore. It's that boring.

40 minutes in the film the director finds it appropriate to still shoot the surroundings of the area as well as random terrain. Why? We know where we are. We know whats going on. We're almost at the point of no return and ZERO has been happening other than the girl dying, him doing whatever it is he's doing and her guessed it...DECAYING.

If he killed the girl or something at LEAST we would have a killer on our hands, but he didn't. No. Its just him being crazy lonely so he keeps a dead body in his house.

The weird thing here are all these slow-motion scenes. And endless shocker flashbacks (which aren't shocking at all btw) that keep appearing over and over. to...what? provide us with character depth? Haha. Okay.

So 50 minutes in MORE sporadic, non-sensical scenes pop in. Stuff that makes zero sense but might be symbolically fitting to the director. All this followed by MORE of the same. Watching him ride to work for the 20th time. Sad, depressing music is playing. More scenery shots. His depressing as hell workplace. Total shots of the entire area as he walks around. Doing his pointless, sad job.

"sigh" Wartnerchaney. Telling a story about a broken mind. A crazy human being. is supposed to be engaging. Captivating. Interesting to your audience.

You are providing us with absolutely none of that other than crazy moments of a mother brainwashing the hell out of her son. All of which culminates in? A serial killer maniac? Murders? Stalking? No. NONE of it. Just a sad person who has a decaying girlfriend in his living room for 2 hours. 138 minutes...your movie is 138 MINUTES LONG. It's longer than it has ANY right to be.

The biggest crime here. Is the fact that this movie is not a horror movie. Its a drama. Its a crazy, shocker packed drama about a lonely, sad, crazy man who falls in love with a decaying corpse.

The movie is not scary. Is isn't offering any sense of horror. Only disgustingness. It certainly wants us to feel for this guy. To understand how sad his life is. To see the sadness, and his wanting for love.

And it succeeds in doing so for about 3 minutes. And then its back to the same, linear, stereotypical "Wannabe horror" filler.

By the 2nd half of the movie we see him doing more of the same over and over, followed by crazy visions and nosebleeds brought on by? Idk. A tumor or him being crazy. Seeing dead people around him and plants coming alive. I don't even know at this point. Turns out his beloved mother burned herself to death too. Fear of germs got to her.

The longer I watched this movie. The lower the score got. There's just no word more befitting this film than Boring. Its dreary. Overly long and just tells a story that in no way befits Horror nor Thriller. It's a drama. With shocks. By the end the film culminates with him finding peace somehow. His mother stops haunting him in his dreams or whatever. Guilt or some trauma. Positive music plays. He goes to work and we realize all people he really knows don't exist. Manifestations in his mind. And...nothing we've spent 2 hours watching HAS AT ALL MATTERED! NOTHING HAS AT ALL MATTERED.

It doesn't have a satisfying ending. We take NOTHING away from this. It has ZERO replay value. Pointless story. ZERO point of no return. Terrible and lacking cinematography. Horribly written story. It's dreadfully boring. Has no horror.

I'm SO done. Go back to visual effects, Wartnerchaney 2 out of 10. WTF level.

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