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Delicious 2013 full movie online free

Recently released from prison, French chef Jacques pursues an obsession -- to leave his past behind and work for the great British chef Victor Ellwood. He knows Victor had an affair with his mother and may even be his dad. Working for iron-fisted Victor is back-breaking, but his existence is softened by the presence of a curious girl living in the downstairs flat. As he falls in love with her, he realises she not only has an aversion to restaurants, but food of all kinds. Is her eating disorder a force too resilient for anything, even love to cure?


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Release: Oct 05, 2013

IMDb: 6.0

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Delicious full movie review - There's nothing delicious whatsoever in this film

There maybe certain amount of spoiler in this review, but my only purpose here is just to warn you not to waste your time to watch this lousy pointless going-nowhere film.

I really don't understand why this lousy, weak, pointless screenplay would have been okay-ed into production. This is one of the most boring and hollow script that i've ever encountered. The whole movie is just a big big huge huge Meh to the extreme.

What we got here is a French young guy trying to land a job in London. When he walked out of the train station, the weather in London was wet, dark, just after the rain. Yet when the next scene came up, the whole background setting was a complete dry and sunny street scene. I just couldn't accept such lousy editing patching two different weather conditions together without any logic sequence.

Then the guy turned out to be a petty thief, first the ball pen, then tried to steal lot of food ingredients from the restaurant's storage pantry and cooler. This guy was definitely a worthless piece of crap with self-righteous and self-centered mind and ego. He is a small timer not worths two bits and the storyline trying to portray such worthless piece of crap simply wasted my time to watch it. And the pointless romance also proved to be going nowhere; another waste of the whole contrite screenplay. And when the brain-dead film went on, we also found out that he not only is a petty thief but also a terrible liar! There's nothing to tell, nothing got to do with any 'delicious' thing, Nada! Zilch! This hollow, mindless and absolutely pointless film simply use the word "Delicious" as the title of the film to fool viewers to watch.

Oh by the way, the sound track(the music)is also non-stop irrelevant and very annoying.

There's absolutely nothing "Delicious" from the very beginning to the end.

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