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Delirium 2015 full movie online free

Emily has mysteriously returned home to her mother and stepfather, after being missing for over a year - and something came with her.


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Release: May 26, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Delirium full movie review - Could've been clever but ended up clumsy and confusing

***SPOILERS*** This movie has three parts.

In the first, you are introduced to a couple, Tim and Rachael, who are just getting their daughter, Emily, back after she's been missing for the last year. There's no indication she's been harmed, and she seems to have no memory of the time. She goes home, but has regular visits by a woman from social services who seems to have no idea how to interact with a child. The situation is made more difficult when her biological father, Barry, tries to gain custody of her. It seems fairly normal, more like a Lifetime movie than anything I'd call horror, until there's an odd sex scene (PG-13 rated at most) in which the wife yells at her husband not to touch her and runs out of bed.

That's when things switch to the second part, where you find out that most- if not all- of the first part was a fantasy, a story being told by Tim- who is not Rachael's husband- a suspect in the disappearance of Emily- who hasn't been missing too long. Tim, it seems, has a condition that leads him to believe that whatever story he tells is what he is currently living. There's a lot of heated questioning, a bit of confusion as others, primarily Rachael, must respond to Tim's stories, putting themselves into it, a la role-playing.

After heated interrogation/role-play, Tim seems to be possessed, and asks who will take her place- Tim's sister (?) volunteers, Tim and her both have seizures (?), and what seems to be a demon takes over the sister, who then goes on a murder spree, killing guards and cops, and Barry (?).

In the end, one of cop's daughter's leaves a message on his phone that she found Tim's hiding place, and that he's crazy (although I think they figured that out some time ago). The police and SWAT- like agents go to storm the place, bringing Rachael along for some reason.

All in all, the story line was pretty clever, but it feels like the creators lost control of it, and it just flounders about. The script was average to confusing, the acting average to trite, and the filming was, also, average.

In total, I'm giving it 3/10 as I've seen worse. Watch something else if you have the choice.

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