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Demon Tongue 2016 full movie online free

Four paranormal students get much more than they bargained for at a secluded beach volleyball complex.


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Release: Jun 21, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Demon Tongue full movie review - Mesmerizingly Numbing

Okay guys. Here we go. This POS was about as bad as it gets. Beyond cheap, beyond boring, and way beyond entertaining, "Demon Tongue" is grade Z movie making. And it is so bad, it might develop a cult following.

From what I could gather, it seems a housewife that's had a very bad day chops up her two children, puts an ax through hubby's head, then blows herself up real good because she heard a lot of mumbling. Cut to some 30 year old's trying to pass as college students which, when you think about it, really isn't that much of a stretch these days. But I digress. Four "paranormal research" students are off to find the evil spirit(s) that have now inhabited a volleyball court. I kid thee not.

Awful does not come close to describing this mess. The movie suffers from every cliché a horror movie might have. These effects certainly weren't very special, and it has one "sex scene" that has to be seen to appreciate its complete laughability.

Not rated and NOT watchable, nobody needs to throw away money on this big old turd.

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