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Demon Tongue 2016 full movie online free

Four paranormal students get much more than they bargained for at a secluded beach volleyball complex.


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Release: Jun 21, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Demon Tongue full movie review - Ridiculous...

I was lured in by the impressive movie cover for "Demon Tongue", so I was expecting to be in for at least a fairly entertaining horror movie.

However, just as with books, movie covers can be deceiving.

"Demon Tongue" was, and pardon me for being so direct, downright boring. It became clear right from the very beginning of the movie that this was going to be a stinker. And it was! I managed to just get through the flashback scene, or whatever it was supposed to be. The first part of the movie which was edited with a laughable layer to make it look like an old recording. It was just such an eyesore to bear witness to.

And when that scene was over and it went on to a college room or something, the scene with two young women, then I just turned it off and found something else to watch. I had seen enough, and there was no way that this movie would find its way back on course and actually lift itself up from the abysmal grave it had dug itself into.

The effects in the movie, at least from the about 15-20 minutes that I managed to suffer through were not particularly good. They were functional, sure, and they served their purpose well enough. But they just weren't memorable or particularly impressive.

As for the acting, well from what I saw it was as to be expected from a movie such as this turned out to be. Whether that was a result of the limitations of the script and director Gavin Rapp, or because they just had cast amateur actors, I do not know.

There is no chance of me returning to "Demon Tongue" to finish it, because it was just not interesting at all. And from what I saw and witnessed, and given the lack of entertainment here, then "Demon Tongue" scores a one out of ten stars rating from me.

Stay well clear of this one...

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