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Demonic 2015 full movie online free

A police officer and a psychologist investigate the deaths of five people who were killed while trying to summon ghosts.


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Release: Feb 12, 2015

IMDb: 4.9

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Demonic full movie review - Mediocre. Nothing more, nothing less.

So as we have all seen this is yet another haunted house movie, produced by James Wan and directed by Will Canon.

It seems todays horror films are just following a trend with little to none of any other horror sub-genres that don't make it to direct-to-DVD. Hopefully with this new installment to the paranormal horror genre it will bring something fresh.

So onto the meat of the film this isn't a regular haunted house flick, it is a crime/mystery movie as well. Which actually makes it feels like an elongated X-Files episode with pretty predictable jump-scares. The scares will not surprise you very much even if you're caught off guard because you already know who will die in the film since the movie begins at the crime scene with the corpses lying around the house, so when it focuses on a side character you're already expecting the worst for them.

This is when the dialogue comes to play, the movies dialogue is split into the past and the present so there is lots of relaying and common detective talk tropes in the present time. Most of the conversations in the past is very basic and dry. Nothing far out or compelling most of the chatting seems like small talk with strangers coming from friends and everyone in the past just don't seem to care.

Then there's the character motives. John who's being plagued by nightmares of the haunted house decides to to do something about it, so he holds a séance with his girlfriend Michelle and friends who just happen to be paranormal investigators and including Michelle's ex-boyfriend for some reason even though he seems to have no experience with the paranormal. I can only think he was put there as to be predictable antagonist which is pointed out obviously. So they prepare for the séance and pretty much everyone gets their own scares, which aren't little enough to dismiss and when it get's worse they decide not to leave.

The biggest flaw. So as the movie suggests this isn't a haunted house, no it's a prison for demons. What do demons do? Possess. So as the movie goes on we find out that someone is possessed by a demon trying to kill Michelle, which is believed to be her ex boyfriend Bryan who's body is missing with Michelle's. So a couple of scenes later Bryan is found in a car accident & as soon as he wakes up he kills a cop and holes himself up in a gas station and doesn't comply with the cops until they give him a walkie talkie, where the other detective with John is speaking and he hears him and gives off a yell that seems to hurt John through the talkie. Cut to the ending and you find out that John was the demon this whole time.. So then why did the yell hurt John if it was just a yell? Truly the biggest flaw, very inexplicable.

Onto the acting it was decent all across the board, the major standout was Maria Bello who could play off a caring yet lawful psychiatrist considering she's top billed i'm not surprised. With Frank Grillo he did fair as the detective nothing horrible nothing great. Dustin Milligan was alright although some of his scenes when he cries didn't seem to suit him, but he pulled through. The other actors we're fine considering they're just death fodder, except Cody Horn's character seemed bland and didn't add much to care for her except that she's in possible danger.

So in the end this film adds little to the genre that hasn't been done before except for the ending which will probably halve the audience but isn't memorable enough to consider fresh or one-up other horror films. So the verdict is.. a mediocre film. that is a haunted house movie with bland dialogue, forgettable scares, bad character motivations, and a very nonsensical moment & with not much happening in the present but the past, just like this movie.

Deserving IMDb score: 5.5

Just watch X-files~

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