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Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom 2015 full movie online free

Detective Heart of America, America's greatest eagle-statue-detective takes on his hardest case yet in this thrilling feature length adventure. When a nefarious criminal has used his tremendous stockpile of stolen wealth to purchase all of the United States' debt, making him a majority owner of America. His first act as owner is to pass a new amendment that annuls the Constitution, retroactively revoking the United States' status as a country. Suddenly the USA officially does not, and never has, existed. How will Heart of America deal with the death of his beloved homeland? Will he have the strength to continue fighting the good fight now that everything he knows and cares for is gone?


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Release: Aug 16, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom full movie review - The funniest movie of all time

Detective Heart of America: The Final Freedom at first glance, may look like a mediocre low budget film. However, if you actually watch the movie you'll be in for a unique experience.

This has to be the funniest movie I have ever seen. It has a cast of bizarre, quirky, and entertaining characters. From the murderous pillar of death Yovan, to the 80's loving hippie from Slamzone Brendan, every character is different from one another in all the right ways. The jokes are never misses, each jape gets better than the next. I'm sure you'll at least laugh more than once. The cinematography is surprisingly well made and really captivates the viewers. The voice acting is just? absolutely beautiful. The actors put their all into voicing these creative characters, and it really suits them. All in all, I seriously recommend this movie.

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