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Lifelong friends Kate (Mamrie Hart), Evie (Grace Helbig) and Charlie (Hannah Hart) are in a rut. Kate spends her days at a middling job and her nights alone or on failed dates. Evie is married with the in-laws from hell, wandering from one charitable cause to the next. Charlie has the girl of her dreams but just can’t seem to pull her business (or her act) together. On the eve of Kate’s 30th birthday, she agrees to let Evie and Charlie throw her a party. But what’s supposed to be a simple celebration becomes a wild who’s who of past and present, and things quickly spiral out of control.


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Release: Sep 23, 2016

IMDb: 6.6

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Dirty 30 full movie review - Holy Trinity Girls Got their own Movie !!!

I saw these Nut Bags On YouTube and laughed my Ass off. I was shocked to see that they got their own Movie, it was some what worth it.

The director should have let them go a little more off the chain and I think the humor would have been better. It was funny and entertaining but some of the humorous scenes could have used better timing and delivery. ( if left up to the girls to use their gift)

It's like always, Holly-( CRACKER)-wood gets their hands on something that could have been really funny and they give it the ole FIST-O-MATIC.

I hope these Gals get another chance to work with a better director and a better script with someone who knows punch line delivery.

Next time let these Ladies be spontaneous and go off the cuff with their own brand of humor which made them famous on You tube in the first place.

Oh, and find them a a good comedy writer that understands who they are.

If you guys can do that, these Ladies will SHINE and I will be crapping a brick like so many times before! Hang in there Ladies, Something better will come along. All in all i still liked the movie. The Ashley Character was done well, I was actually looking for a 2 X 4 with a Nail in it....

I took away 3 points for holly-woods stagnant crap.

Also the young couple at the end of the movie had great chemistry!

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