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Don't Grow Up 2016 full movie online free

This is a story about a group of youths who can't face the thought of growing up


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Release: Mar 11, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Don't Grow Up full movie review - Another film that suffers from IMDb's rating scheme...

I recently watched this film and while it's certainly no blockbuster, I was surprised that I didn't find myself bored or wishing I had something better to watch.

This film was far more dramatic than I expected, especially considering that nearly the entire cast were adolescent kids. As mentioned in some other reviews, the poor decisions made by characters is actually somewhat believable considering their young age.

That said, this film deserves far more than anything below a 5 out of 10. I scored it a 6, simply because it surprised me with decent, yet brief SFX and reasonably high production values. The acting also exceeded expectations. I anticipated some teen angst, but it wasn't over done or gratuitous. The film worked fine for a budget indie flick about some teen's perspective of the apocalypse.

I've seen far worse and I suspect this film's rating suffers from blown expectations of those expecting an action flick with tons of "disaster porn" that's usually associated with films of this genre. To paraphrase another review, this film is just fine for watching on a late night or rainy day.

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