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Don´t Speak 2015 full movie online free


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Release: Oct 10, 2015

IMDb: 2.5

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Don´t Speak full movie review - Don't Watch

Friends having a vacation get in need of some first aid as one of them gets cut bad. They go to the nearest village and suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives. They don't like noise in this place and you could end up with your mouth sewn up.

This was really bad. When they first meet a kid in the town they use a man's voice for a dub over and he sounds just like Klaus Kinski. As soon as the kid talks you start laughing. The next minute you meet this guy who looks like he needs to eat a couple of sandwiches. Once you get past this you get to enjoy even more crap like the ghost of the girl with her lips sewn shut which according to the back story she shouldn't have sewn lips but anyways. They didn't show how they shut the animals up.

At first you're intrigued as to what might be happening in this town but then after 30 minutes you just want it to end. The problem again was all the budget went to renting a boat and a mansion leaving maybe a little for pizza.

When they explain what happened and why it makes the film even worse so for sure don't speak about this film anymore.

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