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Dude Bro Party Massacre III 2015 full movie online free

In the wake of two back-to-back mass murders on Chico's frat row, loner Brent Chirino must infiltrate the ranks of a popular fraternity to investigate his twin brother's murder at the hands of the serial killer known as "Motherface."


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Release: Jul 07, 2015

IMDb: 6.3

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Dude Bro Party Massacre III full movie review - One of the best comedies of this decade.

I enjoy many online entertainers. From The Cinema Snob to Red Letter Media, there's a lot of people who make great content online. One of my favorites is 5 Second Films.

They are a group of people based in Los Angeles who make short films that are only five seconds long. They had a new film every weekday for five years and during the fifth year, they launched a Kickstarter to make a feature length film called Dude Bro Party Massacre III, based on one of their short films. They needed $200,000 and they got $240,000. So they got to make their dream project and just a little over two years after the Kickstarter was launched, it's finally out.

I've been a fan of 5 Second Films since 2011, when I discovered them through Patton Oswalt on twitter. I immediately loved their bizarre, twisted and sometimes dark sense of humor. I'm really impressed how funny their shorts can be in just 5 seconds. So to see what they can do with a feature film is very exciting. Dude Bro Party Massacre III is a tribute to 80s slasher flicks that many of the 5SF members loved when they were teenagers. The reason they decided to make the third film in the series is because that's usually the film in this genre where things get really bizarre and insane. The nonexistent first two films are recapped in the first five minutes of this movie. After Brock (Alec Owen) is killed by Motherface (Olivia Taylor Durdley), his twin brother Brent (Owen, again) must investigate his murder and gain the trust of the Delta Bi Theta fraternity that Brock was a part of. After the Deltas' senior prank goes horribly wrong, they must stay at the Old Sorority House by the lake. A plan is then set in motion by the police chief (Patton Oswalt), who is also a cult member, for Motherface to murder the Deltas.

Not only does this movie prove that 5 Second Films is absolutely capable of making full length movies, but I think they've made a comedy that puts many modern Hollywood comedies to shame. This film had me in tears twice, both times involving Brian Firenzi's Officer Sminkle, and provided lots of other great laughs throughout the whole film. 5 Second Films used every bit of their Kickstarter funds wisely and have crafted one of the best comedies of this decade so far. The direction, the writing, the acting, the practical effects, etc., it's all great. The humor is so detailed and well written, that there may have been some jokes or visual gags I may have missed. The film is full of insanely weird twists that are all hilarious. There's a line early on in the film that is funny on its own, but when it actually has payoff at the end, it's kind of genius. This is a fantastic tribute to 80s slasher movies as well. The practical gore effects are excellent and the movie does a perfect job of capturing that 80s horror movie feel. I enjoy that this movie has the gender reversal where the boys are sexually objectified and terrorized instead of the girls.

The level of detail is fantastic. What they were able to do in their shorts, is amplified in this movie. The movie is made to look like it was a midnight movie recorded off a VCR and is the single remaining copy of the film. The movie has brief commercial breaks that are little short films of their own. They're very funny and don't interrupt the flow of the actual feature.

The cast is great. Alec Owen is a great lead as Brent. The Delta Bi members are all very funny and they bring a distinct personality to each of their characters. Paul Prado, in particular as Turbeaux, steals a lot of the scenes he's in. The character I enjoyed the most was Officer Sminkle played by 5 Second Films creator, Brian Firenzi. Like I mentioned earlier, there were scenes with him that had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. He and his girlfriend, Maria Del Carmen, share their scenes together and they play off of each other very well. She plays Sminkle's partner and she covers up her English accent very well. Olivia Taylor Durdley is really good as Motherface. She's kind of a typical killer, but she plays it well. Kelsey Gunn is also really funny as one of the Delta Bi member's girlfriend, Samantha.There are some great cameos as well. Patton Oswalt is great as the chief, Greg Sestero and Andrew WK play Delta Bi members and even Larry King shows up in the opening recap.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III is one of my favorite comedies of this decade. 5 Second Films has proved that they can make feature length films with the amount of detail and care that they've put into this film. If you enjoy bizarre, twisted humor and fun throwbacks to 80s slasher movies, then I highly recommend this film.

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