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Earthfall 2015 full movie online free

As a rogue planet roars through our solar system, it acts as an intergalactic magnet that pulls Earth in its wake. Meteors destroy major cities. Fire and ice storms engulf the land. Casualties are in the millions. And as the situation grows even worse, Steve Lannon is determined to reunite with his wife and teenage daughter. But when they stumble into a secret government installation, they'll uncover a nuclear mission that will either blast our planet back into orbit or guarantee front row seats to the end of the world.


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Release: Jun 22, 2015

IMDb: 4.9

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Earthfall full movie review - The Universe just handed us a **** sandwich

So I just sat there for ten minutes in silence after watching this, exhausted, emotionally drained & completely stunned at what is one of the best titles I've seen this year.

Forget your superhero films with billion dollar budgets and so-called 'A-list' actors; this motion picture gets you in the feels and really puts you at the heart of the action.

The Earth is under threat from a cosmic calamity, and an honest Dad is separated from his family when disaster strikes. We follow his perilous journey (along with a well-realised wise-cracking sidekick) across the now dangerous post-apocalyptic wastelands of the US of A. Combined with the danger that his innocent yet feisty teenage daughter finds herself in (a great role model for all young women, spitting in the face of the gender-defined stereotypes peddled by the Hollywood Patriarchy movie-mill) and his inspirational strong-willed wife, who herself is caught up in the shadows of a sinister government conspiracy.

I was hovering on the edge of my chair throughout the film, and literally jumped out of my skin with some of the special effects and explosions. Michael Bay take note - you don't need explosions every ten seconds, just when it's necessary. Watch this and learn.

In a nutshell, watch this film. 10/10.

quick edit - I see that some reviews are suggesting I am somehow affiliated with the production of this film. I am not. Furthermore, I rate films how I see them, and I happen to like a broad range of productions. As a member of this website for over 7 years, I am completely independent and honest about how I view and rate films.

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