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Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue - Live at Wembley 2015 full movie online free

In the 1970s, England's Electric Light Orchestra (aka ELO) was renowned for both its lushly textured prog rock and its ornately orchestrated arena concerts. This program captures the band performing live at London's Wembley Stadium in support of their OUT OF THE BLUE album in 1978, combining a spectacular light show and special effects with classic tunes such as "Standing in the Rain," "Sweet Talking Woman," "Mr. Blue Sky," and many more.


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Release: Mar 24, 2015

IMDb: 4.8

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Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue - Live at Wembley full movie review - Great for fans of ELO---they must be out there somewhere!

In the mid-late 1970s, the rock band Electric Light Orchestra was one of the top bands in the world, though today few other than old farts like myself today know who they were.

While those "in the know" in the music industry are familiar with ELO front-man Jeff Lynne, he is known to many others as "that guy in the Traveling Wilbury videos that we can't identify". This is sad, as Lynne is immensely talented and ELO's sound was so unique--especially around the time of their Out of the Blue tour.

Here on this DVD you find ELO at its prime--with a true mini orchestra (which was later abandoned with albums such as "Time" and "Balance of Power"). The concert begins with an introduction by Tony Curtis (yeah, THAT Tony Curtis--the one who was hopelessly uncool by 1978). Following this is prime ELO with exceptional sound. Often, live recordings sound far, far inferior to the albums. Here, however, the songs sound amazingly good--especially since ELO produced such complex albums. In addition to songs from their "Out of the Blue" double-album, other favorites such as "Do Ya" and "Telephone Line" are included. However, my favorite of these songs was the show-stopping "Roll Over Beethoven"--which is even better than the studio recording.

For a devoted fan like myself, this is a must-have album (probably earning a 10) but even for non-fans there's a lot to like (such as great sound quality). About the only knock are the occasional "special effects" added to some songs by an over-enthusiastic guy with the digital "enhancements" (i.e., 70s style fade outs and cuts that were cutting edge then but look dated today).

This is a truly unique and sadly forgotten band that kids today could embrace if exposed to their songs. I know, because I teach in an arts school and when I play their music the kids almost always respond very favorably.

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