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Even Lambs Have Teeth 2015 full movie online free

Two wronged women dish out vigilante justice ala Kill Bill’s “Bride”.


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Release: Oct 03, 2015

IMDb: 4.3

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Even Lambs Have Teeth full movie review - false reviewers

clearly multiple false reviews have been submitted for this movie so let me give you a genuine one after sitting through this.

so movie opens with some teenagers screwing around as they do, doing some drugs blah blah blah. they get high and we get opening credits. scene has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the movie and none of the characters in this scene beside the 2 lead females are in the remainder of the film. so moving on these girls are headed to some farm so they can work and earn money to go to new york for a shopping trip? they wind up making the clearly terrible decision to catch a ride with 2 stranger dudes to this farm as opposed to getting their scheduled bus and wind up getting drugged, kidnapped and thus begins their ordeal and they supposedly get raped and tortured (but you wouldn't know for sure because the movie fades to black anytime anything bad happens so basically everything is suggested ) and we watch as they make their miraculous escape and carry out their revenge.

so now that i've summarised the terrible paper-thin plot lets talk about the acting. to cut it short, some of it was OK the rest was truly shake-your-head terrible. the script was dumb as hell and full of holes and there was at least half a dozen moments where i sat there wondering if i should just switch off or grit and bear the rest of the movie. the 2 leads did OK with what they had and that's why I'm not completely down rating this movie. the terrible script puts them in stupid situations and they make the best of it (for the most part) but sometimes they say things or do things that just make you think "what the F. really?"

shame cos it did show potential but it was one of the poorest most predictable horror movies i've ever seen. just a much weaker version of i spit on your grave / last house on the left. go watch those instead or something like martyrs (original), frontiers, inside, switchblade romance, or any genuinely solid horror movie.


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