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Everly 2015 full movie online free

After she betrays a powerful mob boss, a woman matches wits and weaponry with a legion of killers who are out to collect the bounty on the heads of her and her family.


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Release: Jan 23, 2015

IMDb: 5.2

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Everly full movie review - For those who enjoyed the action style and humor from Scream, The Boondock Saints and Game of Thrones. Not for the faint of heart, perfect for the right person.

To thoroughly enjoy this movie, suspend your disbelief. Anyone could argue schematics and science all day long and find hundreds of unrealistic points. On the other hand, the action is more realistic than the first Crank movie. The first Crank was still a good action movie, despite being a remake.

Salma Hayek delivers an excellent action heroine performance which is misunderstood. She is not cocky. There is a lot of mystery leading up to the scene we are thrown into. It opens with us in a state of fear, brought on more by the unknown. We hear violence in the intro (no spoilers) and can tell brutal things were done to Everly.

There are 3 specific scenes I did not enjoy that were too gory for me. As I refuse to spoil anything, I will leave them out. Due to personal taste of preferring to imply brutality than see it outright, I enjoyed the movie at a 5.0. Personal tastes aside, I rate the movie an 8.0 for a good gory action. There are a few torture scenes. This is not a movie to let anyone underage see.

There's a few things I respect about the movie that weren't mentioned repeatedly in other reviews. First off, most of the suspense and scare is of the presently unknown and of what might or could happen. Though there were 3 distinctly gory scenes that were too much for me, they did turn the camera away in an artistic way only to bring more tension and scares.

This movie is almost a Slasher/Horror/Action. There are no supernatural elements, yet the action is often superhuman in reality.

Let's stand back for a moment and examine a few accuracies that often aren't shown in Hollywood films. Its obvious going into the movie knowing that this character gets the **** kicked out of her and doesn't walk away scratch-less. There is a moment when a character had been dealing with a bullet wound. Though dealing with the pain for an extreme amount of time, she can still shoot straight. Though its not as easy to pull off what that character did with a bullet wound did, his/her body would have medically been in a state of shock, not completely restricting use but he/she can't feel that part of his/her body. It was also with the other arm that the person used weapons. As a person who had that part of my body in shock due to organ failure in his exact same spot that the person in the movie dealt with a bullet wound, I know I could have still shot a gun afterwords. People exaggerate and often lie about what being in a state of shock is actually like. The reality is that whole part of the body goes numb and the pain actually disappears completely for a lengthy amount of time. This being until the nerve reactivates or gets removed. The amount of time this person deals with this particular wound and still fights is actually realistic as far as being able to complete tasks. I had 16 hours of pain before my body went into shock while I was at the hospital. When fully examined, I was offered Morphine and the Pink Lady and an Iv and to be taken over night. I wasn't feeling any pain there any more so I chose to not take any of it and instead get healthy.

We watch our protagonist go react realistically to emotional/mental/physical pain while keeping our heroine from being one of those action heroines who get chased non stop by the cast of "The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight" (book was good, movie sucked).

People may mislabel this as a comedy/action when its not. The darkly comedic moments are awesome and were enjoyable even for a non-gore fan like me. What the humor does in these situations is to ease the tension of watching the movie. The jokes are all surprises and hilarious, which do fit under my category of humor. As an example without resorting to spoilers, there's a few scenes that are funny in the same way The Boondock Saints was and the underrated "The Long Kiss Goodnight" (Geena Davis / Samuel L. Jackson).

In the end, the important thing is to remember that this movie is to entertain us. It entertained even me despite it mostly not being in my taste. There were other actors who acted well in their roles, not just Salma Hayek. The special effects aren't overused, yet are still without fault. The people controlling the camera definitely knew what they were doing as the editing and framing of every shot in the movie are beyond excellence.

I know that my review is lengthy and vague. The reason for this is that I do not want to spoil this hidden gem for those who would enjoy it. This movie has a 5.0 on IMDb, but for the right person, its an 8 or more. I am of the prior, but respecting the style of movie it is for those who enjoy it, it is an 8/10 film.

Final Summary:

Personal taste on this movie: 5-6/10 Quality of the movie for who would enjoy it: 8 Gore at the level of Spartacus or Game of Thrones prevented me from enjoying it completely at an 8, no other reason. As an example, I would not re-watch The Punisher or Reservoir Dogs due to their 1 scene. I enjoy action movies, just with a lot toned down on the gore. The action in Everly is wicked and the humorous moments are hilarious and new. The nudity is only backsides, which may be responsible for some of the drop in rating (no boobs). I prefer and respect that.

Enjoy Everly if you like gritty, gory and suspenseful action thrill ride.

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