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Every Christmas Has a Story 2016 full movie online free

A TV personality has an on-air snafu and admits she hates Christmas. Following the debacle, she is invited to the Most Christmas-y town in America to try and repair her image. Forced to work with her ex-boyfriend Jack, the show’s producer, the magic of Christmas and this special town will change the way she views Christmas and her life.


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Release: Nov 12, 2016

IMDb: 6.0

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Every Christmas Has a Story full movie review - Don't look too closely and it might keep your interest.

This was a weak premise but was bolstered by likable leads, two mysteries, and a nice romance. There was even a bit of a twist at the end regarding the nature of one of the mysteries that I didn't see coming.

I must say off the bat that even though Lori Loughlin is 6 years older than her co-star, she looks great and the match was very believable. If she has had work done, one certainly can't tell, unlike some other older actresses that Hallmark casts inappropriately. Had to get that off my chest.

Of course one has to suspend disbelief in order to find an excuse to get Lori out of the city to the small town that will help her find her Christmas spirit. Once there, the mystery of why the annual town Christmas trees, that were the town's main attraction during the season quit coming, and why Lori lost her Christmas spirit to begin with. What is the town trying to hide from talk-show host/journalist? It did keep my interest, although the deep dark secret wasn't too deep, or all that dark. I thought it was kind of clever that the whole town was conspiring to create a phony mystery that the journalist could "investigate" and thus help them out. They pulled a fast one on the audience and Lori!

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