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Evil Bong: High 5 2016 full movie online free

EeBee the Evil Bong is back. And she's stoner - er - stronger than ever. With Larnell, Sarah Leigh, Rabbit, Velicity and a lobotomized Gingerdead Man trapped in The Bong World for good, she once more sets about her plan for world domination.

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Release: Apr 20, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Evil Bong: High 5 full movie review - We have now reached the lowest point for Full Moon and Charlie Band

Full Moon Features has put out some solid stuff over the years honestly.

The Puppet Master films are classics, Intruder is good, Demonic Toys is fun yet bad so are the first few Evil Bong and Gingerdead Films and to an extent Charles has made some really great low budget horror over the years. After watching his effort from 2014 Trophy Heads I thought it was a step in the right direction and I really hoped that it would mark the return to form for Full Moon. This hope was shattered once I watched Evil Bong 420 Which while it was horrible it had its moments although the Gingerdead Man is more common than the titular villain. I expected High 5 to have its moments just like 420 did. Sadly there is nothing redeeming about this film, its not a horror film its a sad attempt at appealing to the lowest common denominator, stoners. With terrible effects and writing from a company that used to pride itself on great effects, puppetry and using its low budget to do its best work. Charles Band (or whoever does the cover art and titles these movies) has even taken it upon himself to make the titles and cover art so bad that he knows hipsters who ironically watch bad movies (like myself) will see it. When you reach the point where even the worst stuff from Troma is good in comparison to your company's best director's recent works you have to stop. All that is left to say is why make Evil Bong 666?

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