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Evil Exhumed 2016 full movie online free

A young man hell bent on revenge uses dark forces to reanimate a recently unearthed mummy.


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Release: Oct 31, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Evil Exhumed full movie review - Should Stay Buried

A kind of horror involving college students who travel to an island to excavate a burial ground. As soon as they arrive on the island they are picked off by a sickle packing mummy (an obvious Halloween costume).

All I can say is David Decoteau did this one so you know what to expect. He is consistent at churning out really bad ones. You probably notice Eric Roberts name slapped on the cover so you figure he's in it. Wrong. He is in it, but in voice only as he reads a narrative at the beginning and at the end.

Each student shows up on the island alone and at different times which makes the mummy's job a little easier. There is no violence or even swearing which usually makes for a lame movie. You could probably write a book on what's wrong with this flick but it's easier just to avoid this one.

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