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Excess Flesh 2015 full movie online free

Obsessed with her sexy roommate, Jill violently imprisons Jennifer in their apartment in a twisted attempt to bring them closer together.


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Release: Mar 13, 2015

IMDb: 4.5

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Excess Flesh full movie review - Excess Flesh: This is a cunning and complex film.

At first viewing, Excess Flesh is a story about an obsessed woman who imprisons her sexy roommate in a twisted attempt to bring them together -- a story of self-loathing, jealousy, love-hate, rage and, finally, about revenge and making right all things evil.

Ultimately, it's a scathing commentary on hyper-consumerism, where more is more and never enough. Excess Flesh is the state of the world through the lens of its empathic, embittered interpreter, Director, Patrick Kennelly. This is a world of consumerism, a world where one's identity is determined by what they wear, how they look, who they know and how they measure up to the cruel and impossible standards or abandon all hope. This work is both a seminal work and a masterwork ? a view of a dysmorphic world through the piercing mind's eye of the film's creator.

This is not torture horror. This is a cunning complex film and the film reveals more and more the more you watch it. More is more. Consume. More.

The acting in this film is cult status. Bethany Orr's performance places her firmly in the ranks of Isabelle Adjani in Zulawski's classic "Possession." Orr's performance is not to be missed ? nor is it to be misunderstood. Take time to indulge in this actor's revelations of character, nuance and the human condition. It is a visceral, infinite, and a deeply instinctive interpretation of one's loss of one's soul to the societal mediation of one's self.

Excess Flesh was a risk to make. Films like Excess Flesh are a risk for investors. Excess Flesh is a smartly produced hybrid genre film and the filmmakers deserve praise. Congrats to Exec Producer Dennis Garcia and Walking to the Moon Productions, for taking a chance on a film that needed to be made and for recognizing the talents of the filmmakers. You're a hero to indie filmmakers everywhere ? Make more, please.

Excess Flesh is not for the weak of mind, heart, or soul. Take a look. Take your time and let happen. I recommend that you watch it more than once. Do it in excess.

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