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Extraction 2015 full movie online free

A former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorists. When his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.


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Release: Dec 18, 2015

IMDb: 4.2

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Extraction full movie review - A weak B-movie action thriller.

In the intro Wilis is being held by some bad guy. The bad guy tells Willis he knows he's not who he says he is but rather a CIA agent. Once he threatens his family, Willis frees himself and kills the guy.

He calls a friend as asks him to rush over to see his family. He calls his son but it's too late. The bad guys are already there and killed his wife. He tells the kid to grab the gun and shoot the bad guy, but he can't. Fortunately the friend arrives in time.

10 years later the kid, Harry (Lutz), is in the CIA in Prague as a desk officer. He's trying to become a field agent which involves a lot of fighting training and shooting. But he's been rejected so far 3 times. Then he gets his 4th rejection letter. The friend that saved him is his boss it appears. Now the CIA goes on full alert. His father who's retired but still involved somehow was just kidnapped again. He was working on something Condor related. Condor is the name of some device that allows someone to hack into anything and everything. Harry himself was investigating this thing and was hoping it would be his ticket to the field. Of course he wants to be involved in rescuing his dad but the higher ups have him sent home, like a prisoner guarded by 4 agents. No problem, Harry just knock them out and travels to Newark.

The CIA activates agent Victoria (Carano) to get him silently and in secret since the CIA can't operate on US soil. Turns out she was involved with him in the past so when she finds him she joins forces with him to find the dad; a pretty friend of hers who isn't CIA also can help. It's not long before they track down the bad guy in his dance club. Some fights ensue, but they end up grabbing Victoria with Harry and the other girl on their trail. Once he arrives where Victoria is being held, they also grab him and as it turns out, it's also the place where the dad is being held. The Condor device is also there and some sinister buyer shows up to buy the thing. But there are a couple of surprise twists that change everything.

Extraction should have been a good movie. It's a got a strong cast and a good idea--in general movies about the CIA, intelligence, etc have an advantage. The trick is being able to make use of the advantage and Extraction doesn't. In Lutz, Carano, Bilzerian they had a cast that's well-suited for action scenes, and some of the scenes are alright but don't really stand out. They certainly could have done a lot more with these 3. As often happens once the action kicks in, the script is over and the actors go on mute having nothing to say anymore.

It's hard to say where this movie went wrong. The writers did a half-baked job and so did the director. He aimed for a Ridley Scott type direction which doesn't work when you don't have the budget or the cast. Most irksome to me was the oversaturated coloring and the poor musical score. It's a shorter movie and stock scenery shots take up plenty of time. Sweeney and Willis are reliable, Lutz isn't given enough to work with, Carano is getting a little better with her voice-acting and we get to see her make out with another girl, in what is perhaps the highlight of the movie. Things improve when the lovely Lydia Hull shows up. She's just fun and full of life but as a secondary character she doesn't get enough screen time. They could have easily included her in the final showdown.

A shame they botched this movie.

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