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Fangboner 2015 full movie online free

Dick and Suzy become infected with an unknown virus. They soon discover that they have a new found taste for blood. The problem is, they only seem to be able to suck blood out of their victims crotches.


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Release: Sep 26, 2015

IMDb: 1.0

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Fangboner full movie review - Every bit as silly as its title suggests.

Party boy Dick (Brian Papandrea) and casual sexual acquaintance Suzy (Emily Hilborn) become infected with a virus that leaves them with a taste for blood, the couple believing that the only way to satiate their thirst is to drink directly from their victims' genitalia.

There's an early scene in Fangboner that sees Dick in panic-mode after discovering his manhood in a severely mangled state while visiting the bathroom. Momentarily calming himself down, he attempts to pee, but the urine jets out of a wound in the top of his disfigured dong (shown in graphic detail courtesy of a prosthetic penis), hitting him directly in the face. It's unsophisticated in the extreme, but it sure is funny.

With such low-brow nonsense as a Jewish narcoleptic drug dealer, an alien with deliberately visible wires operating its tentacles, a gay fisherman, a very gratuitous shower scene with a fart gag, an attack by a dog puppet, massive cocaine abuse, and the occasional spot of splattery gore (courtesy of effects expert Marcus Koch), the rest of the film aims to be just as immature and insane throughout, but writer/director Nathan Rumler never quite matches the brilliance of his wonderfully tasteless toilet scene, much of his subsequent silliness falling comparatively flat.

Still, as a 90 minute exercise in utter puerility, loaded with childish dick gags, you could definitely do worse, the film at least possessing a degree of charm thanks to its likable leads, who are clearly having a blast being as demented as possible.

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