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Forsaken 2016 full movie online free

When a Priest discovers his wife is deathly ill, he decides to go against his faith and use his knowledge of exorcisms to possess her in order to save her life.


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Release: Feb 02, 2016

IMDb: 3.0

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Forsaken full movie review - The title says it all what you should be doing!

I don't know why I'm writing this review. Usually I avoid watching this kind of films. For the last ten or so years, I've been successful at that, but now it happened with a mistake.

I thought it was the one with Don Sutherland in it. I did not realise that I'm in a wrong film until I saw someone who was possessed by a demon doing the yoga poses.

I'd already started, so decided to finish it off, but that was a bad decision to regret. Knowing it would be a worst film, sit for it through is what real patience a film fanatic need. But surely I won't suggest any of you to do that, because it is totally a waste of time. Instead, you can re-watch any film you thought is very bad before this one.

For me, this is like an almost worst film ever, though I've seen even worse than this, so it will be one among them that I disliked badly. Honestly, I laughed better during watching it than those real comedies from the recent time. I know there will be people who find it at least a decent, but definitely majority would find it difficult keep watching, so 10-15 minutes would be a great achievement. Recommended to skip it from the miles.


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