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Fun Size Horror: Volume One 2015 full movie online free

Thirty-one twisted tales made from a collective of genre loving filmmakers, Fun Size Horror: Volume One aims to chill and delight horror fans. From classic slashers and creature features, to horror-comedy and hauntings all made into bite size pieces. Like a bag of Halloween candy after a night of trick or treating, Fun Size Horror: Volume One is filled with the unexpected and not without the threat of the occasional razor blade. Which leaves only one question: Trick or treat?


Quality: HD []

Release: May 01, 2015

IMDb: 8.0

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Fun Size Horror: Volume One full movie review - Loved Loved Loved

Loved the short films. Reminded me of the version of Tales of the Crypt in a sort of non creepy or scary way. It was fun and it was fun to see the different screen plots.

Especially the Creepy Kid in Apartment B. That kid was really creepy! I Would have loved to see that one go further with the guy come out and be a clown or something creepy... But there were a few not too scary, but still hats off to all the great actors and directors getting out there and getting the job done! It was fun and entertaining to watch and have a variety of fun short films all in one! Not everyone has the same taste and if you don't like one film, you can fast forward, that is the beauty of having a remote control. I say 10 stars to all the actors who worked so hard and 10 stars to the staff and crew who did their best to entertain. If you look at the pictures on the front of the cover, you will see one of each character from each of the films. Fun Fact. :)

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