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Gates of the Sun 2015 full movie online free

An Algerian secret agent has to destroy an undercover paramilitary organization that plans to strike against the country and its people.


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Release: Mar 18, 2015

IMDb: 4.5

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Gates of the Sun full movie review - good as first production but a Shame comparing to Hollywood

Well First of all i've been looking for this Movie Over 6-7 Months Finally i found it . i was excited to watch it because it's actually the first Algerian Action movie.

i was disappointed ,there was no Scenario !! i couldn't understand the Major meaning of this Movie when i saw the Trailer i thought its gonna be a good action movie but at the beginning you can't understand, it wasn't clear,Also the Principal Actor came back to his country & started working as a bartender and fighting for no reason ( by the way poor fights ) all i liked in this piece of work was the appearance of Mike Tyson it was a good fight . another thing why the producers are making a lot of effects and some delays in scenes for no reason ? i could't understand this.and the terrorists or who ever they were . they took some hostages and who were those hostages ? So guys don't waste your time watching It. I gave this movie 4/10 but it's more less than that .

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