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Generation Z 2016 full movie online free

The ReZort, a post apocalyptic safari, offers paying guests the opportunity to kill zombies in the wake of an outbreak.

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Release: Apr 22, 2016

IMDb: 4.0

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Generation Z full movie review - B-Movie Zombie film lovers should enjoy this one! Those expecting Resident evil walk away now!

I went into this film expecting a B-movie zombie flick, a flawed gem among flawed gems basically. The reason there are so many b-movie zombie adaptations out there is because there is a market for it.

Zombie films as we know them today have been around for 25 years. Before that there was the occasional zombie movie made. When the 90's hit it was all out zombie-palooza basically kicking butt with Resident Evil all the way through to The Walking Dead on TV!?! Within this red hot mess of zombie mess the market for b- movie zombie films was birthed. B-zombie films like this one worked, and fans like myself decided that we didn't need to have A-list movie stars and intricate and deep plots to be able to enjoy a good zombie horror film.

There is something truly terrifying about being eaten alive by a mob of human beings that has always given me nightmares. I assume that many others feel the same way too. ReZort is definitely a B-zombie movie. Hands down it has all the fixins' that go into the B persona:

- Dystopian future earth where the Z apocalypse has come and gone recently - The last zombies from the plague on earth are kept on an isolated island where they are kept for adrenaline junkies who want to re-live the break-out in a machine gun splatter fest where the Z's are chained together to easily be taken down - You guessed it, someone hacks the islands computers and all the chained up Z's go free creating a real splatter fest - Just like Resident movies, there is a sinister company behind everything with sinister experiments going on - The difference that made this B-zombie flick a step above was that they actually had a few actors that I reckognized to pull a bit of acting off. - The other MAJOR factor that made this B flick a bit better athan the average b-Z flick is that it actually had some kind of a budget! - The director managed to get some government money for this middle eastern made movie I think because they had lots of custom vehicles, boats, buildings and structures from real movie sets...some of these things don't come cheap these days!

Plot: The film tells the history of the virus that kills 1/3rd of the earths population in just a decade. Having won the war, Earth has wiped out the plague and rebuilt. There is one island where some remaining zombies are kept for safari, and that's when the island gets hacked and mayhem ensues. Surprisingly it's not a bad movie. The plot isn't new, nor is it amazing, but it is fun and entertaining for a few hours. I rate it 7/10 on the B-movie scale as a good way to enjoy a late night movie. Don't expect Z-Nation, but rather a fast paced mind numbing show.

On the bad end of things the sound was not great, the actors were crappy minus the few recognizable actors they blew the majority of their money on, and the mass cgi effects were crappy.

Beyond all that enjoy the movie is worth your time IF you enjoy B-movie zombie flicks!

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