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Ghostbusters 2016 full movie online free

Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat.


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Release: Jul 14, 2016

IMDb: 5.3

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Ghostbusters full movie review - Actually funnier than Star Wars! (Mwahaha!)

Ghostbusters didn't ruin my childhood memories. It was fun! I wanted to avoid it like a plague, but the special effects seemed worth it. I had a great time!!!

The people who wrote bad reviews are right, but there's more to it.

The morale of the story is: Even if you are the most useless type of woman, the most socially awkward nerd, or the worst racial stereotype... rejected by all, with society refusing to give you a chance to show your potential, discredited, a failure, a loser... You won't lose at all times forever. You can still save the day! You don't have to try to destroy society, being bullied isn't a reason. People do bad things because they choose to be bad people. Even in the worst situation, even if everyone think you're the worst, you can still choose to do the best thing. For yourself, for a friend, and even for everyone. Not everyone will acknowledge you, but some will. Knowing who you are, believing that you have worth, and friendship, is a better reward than fame.

It's beautiful! It's a very good movie with great values.

But the characters start as the worst losers, and the scenes to establish their misery are really cringe worthy... It's unbearably embarrassing when they get fired... At some point you just want to stop watching and die in shame... BUT! They persevere, and then things start to get better than they ever did. The movies shows that there can be hope even in utter hopelessness, but not necessarily where you want it to be.

It's not sexist and racist. It actually denounces our sexist society by showing it. Like South Park. It's amazing to have a movie with many women as main characters, and not mindless sexual objects for once. Many people hated that, but it was refreshing!

Reversing genders gave a chance to women to shine, and showed how bad sexism is, specially with their "re-THOR-ded" male secretary. He doesn't have the competences for the job but they hire him for his looks, and then they mock him for it while doing sexual harassment. It's considered normal to threat women like this, but it's wrong for everyone.

But he didn't let the abuse affect his self confidence, he messed with them too playfully, showing that your own attitude is more important than other's. Actually he was never dumb. He was pretending to be, because the actor Chris Hemsworth actually played Thor in disguise, the way superman hide with fake glasses, and they made an obvious reference by calling him superman.

I hated Thor because he's so arrogant, but the actor has such a warm genuine smile in Ghostbusters that I ended up loving him, and enjoying the movie like he did!

People complained that a scene reminded them of Pixels. Yeah. And there's also a scene like Jim Carrey's dance in the mask, done by a very amused Chris Hemsworth. And a scene like Big Hero 6. They compiled best moments and I was happy to see epic scenes again.

People complained that the special effects looks like Walt Disney. I'm a horror fan, but it was very refreshing to see detailed colorful ghosts instead of mere black blurs. The animation really is gorgeous.

About being unworthy of the name Ghostbusters, the group actually wanted to call themselves something else. They made lots of references to the previous movies while being unique. All the previous actors showed support by making an appearance. The creators made extra efforts to give us bonuses.

We even get to see Sigourney Weaver, the best woman to have as a role model. Because she was the hero in Aliens, instead to be a horny helpless damsel in distress. Unlike the James Bond movies, where even the actor hates how misogynist he has to be.

It shows women at their worst, but it's not sexist, because they show them doing their best in adversity.

The old movies were dorky too! Nerds were bullied by jocks but shown as capable in spite of their shortcomings. Society got better. Now they wanted to open our minds about women with a new story about bullying and acceptance. By using a cast full of women, they didn't spit on the old movies, they continued its spirit.

It has a beautiful message: You can be who you are even if the majority rejects you for it, someday your special interests and talents will be needed. Don't expect everyone to be good to you. Don't reject your friends trying to be accepted by the majority, be good to your friends and appreciate those who already appreciate you.

Painful road, beautiful destination.

The green blob is a morbidly obese man who died from eating junk food. Too heavy to walk, he has no legs and fly, obsessed with eating garbage. Disgusting. But now he's having fun with a woman just like him; it shows that everyone can find happiness and love... with someone with compatible interests.

Even the logo finally makes sense in such a cool way!

I really loved Ghostbusters. But yeah, it made me cringe to be forced to acknowledge flawed people, how badly society treats them, and flaws into myself. But it made me laugh too~

The villain was great, very dedicated. I'm glad that he reached his goal for a while and all hell broke lose! But dying for revenge felt ultimately pointless... because you're dead even if you succeed.

So just enjoy your life, and this movie. There is potential for greatness and awfulness in everyone and everything. This movie had both~ You can dismiss it as worthless because it's not perfect, or you can appreciate what it has to offer... and this that's the whole point that this movie is trying to make people understand.

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