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Ginger & Snapper 2016 full movie online free

A post-apocalyptic story of a lonely gamer girl and a misunderstood zombie.


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Release: Nov 01, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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Ginger & Snapper full movie review - Great shortfilm!

I had the honor to see the premiere of "Ginger & Snapper" at a Convention introduced by D.C. Douglas himself and it was very funny and interesting to watch.

The story of the little girl and the zombie is awesome and describes many aspects of a world after a zombie apocalypse. There are even some sad or critical facts, well placed in the story line. I felt for the characters while they acted as they did. Although the film is only five minutes long, it presents a lot of things to think about. Besides there are some hints and easter eggs in the texts and also the pictures, so you have to listen and to watch carefully. The art of the characters and the backgrounds is nicely designed and not too childish. I very liked the post-apocalyptic colours and the atmosphere. The voices were chosen perfectly for each situation and character. And I also liked the nearly unexpected ending. Altogether I highly recommend "Ginger & Snapper" to everyone and if you get the chance to watch do it!

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